Jewellery Elements Project; Wall Hanging

This article is written by Michelle Brown

Over the last few weeks we have covered the tools and skills you need to add jewellery elements to your Mixed Media Artwork. Here we bring all of those together to create this wall hanging.

mixed media jewelry elements


Materials you will need:

  • Background card, decorated to suit theme
  • Eyelets (15)
  • Jump rings (19)
  • Chain (20cm / 8″)
  • Head pins (5)
  • Beads
  • Ephemera, tags and images to decorate

Tools you will need:

  • Ruler & pencil
  • Stamps & ink
  • Hole punch & Hammer with mat
  • Eyelet setter
  • Pliers – flat nosed and pointy nosed
  • PVA glue
  • Inking sponge and brush

1. Cut three panels of your decorated card (12cm x 9cm or 4 3/4″ x 3 1/2″). Put them in order and lightly number them 1, 2 & 3 in pencil; this will help keep them in order.
Mixed media art jewelry elements

2. Lightly mark where the eyelets will go. As they need to be in pairs, I have marked them that way. The exact location will depend on the size of your eyelets and jump rings. Here I can in 2cm from the outer edge and up 0.5cm.
Mixed media jewelry elements
Across the bottom where the beads will be attached, mark 5 places; one in the middle, in 2cm from each side and in 4cm from each side
mixed media jewelry elements

3. Punch holes using a punch and hammer or crop-o-dile

mixed media jewelry elements
Set eyelets, taking your time. Put the three panels back into order when finished.
mixed media jewelry elements

4. I decided to join the panel together before adding the ephemera and images. You can do it either way.

To join the panel together we need three jump rings; an odd number is needed to make sure both panels will sit parallel, as each ring will sit at 90 degrees

5. Insert the jump rings into the eyelets, in both sides of the two panels
mixed media jewelry elements

6. Take two panels, back to back to insert the third jump ring.
jump rings
Check it will sit neatly before closing it up and that you haven’t got the rings twisted. Close up jump with with pliers

Now we have the two panels joined.

Repeat with other eyelets pairs

7. Add chain arose the top of the hanging, using two jump rings to attach the chain to the eyelets

8. Now we can attached the beads across the bottom.

Prepare your beads on the headpins as shown previously. This is fiddly and frustrating, so make sure you have a few extra head pins in case you need to start again.

9. Attach the beads on headpins to the bottom panel with jump rings

10. The base of your wall hanging is complete. Now you can decorate it with ephemera, tags, stamping and images.

Here I have used:

Sepia ink was used to stamp manilla tag and edge the music and book page.

Frayed burlap was used to edge the images and brushed across scrunched tissue.

All elements were glued with PVA glue.


Now the wall hanging is complete.

We do hope you have enjoyed out series on adding jewellery elements to you mixed media artwork.

Happy Creating!




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MMAT01 – My final artwork

Those who were on the mailing list in February 2010 and early March, received the first Mixed Media Art Technique freebie – step by step instructions for creating your own painted background. Then they received a digital copy of the finished background, which they could print off and use in their own artwork.

In the final installment of MMAT01, here is what I made from the completed background.

Firstly I got out bits and pieces that were matching in colour to the background. This is how I begin to find inspiration. I knew I wanted to stick to the same pinks and purples, maybe adding some gold or a little more white. And I needed some images. Here is what I found:

Collecting pink and purple elements for collage

Next I added some stamping – some in black, some in white and a little in purple.

Adding some dimension with stamping

Swirl stamps by Rhonna Farrer for Autumn Leaves (this in one of many links). Text stamp from the Venezia plate by Oxford Impressions and “Believe” by Eclectic Images. Both black and white inks by Brilliance – one of my favourite inks; it’s permanent when dry but can be cleaned off stamps and the ink pad is nice and “juicy”.

mixed media art collage in pink and purple

Here is the final piece. Image found at Art-e-zine – they have the most exquisite images; all they ask for in return is for you to add an image to the collection. More information on using digital images in mixed media art can be found at our companion blog Create Mixed Media Art.

I hope you have enjoyed the first Mixed Media Art Technique. Please remember to add links to your artwork at the Mixed Media Art Technique post.

We want you to get creating!

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