Fixing Your Gel Prints

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When getting started with gel printing, it’s easy to create gel prints that we just don’t like! Sometimes with our first gel prints there is too much white space or the second print, also known as the “ghost print”, hasn’t turned out as we had wanted. But do not despair, we can fix these minor problems with a few more layers.

beginner prints mistakes

Here Michelle introduces us to techniques to solve the three major problems when we  get when starting out with gel printings.

Argh! Due to technical difficulties, only the first part of the video is playing – we are working on fixing it!

This video was originally shot on Periscope, so it’s a bit slow to get started!

When you try these techniques to fix your gel prints, remember the that translucency of your paints makes a big difference with your results. This is where the glazing medium is so important – it makes your paints more see through, which is just what we want when fixing our gel prints, so we can see the lovely layers underneath.

gel print techniques


And we’d love to hear from you – what ways and techniques have YOU found to help “fix” your gel prints?

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  1. Deborah says:

    Only first part showed.

  2. jakki Garlans says:

    Really loved this video, and am excited to see the rest of it; sadly it ended abruptly in a flurry at the 3:56 point – I hope that you can re-post it in its entirety as it looked like it was going to be very helpful 🙂
    I have so many “not quite right” prints, I don’t like to toss them but too often my fixes end up being just bigger messes. I like the idea of making the paints more transparent with glazing medium. I have so much to learn, but I’m having so much fun doing so!!!

  3. Sure would love to see the fix! Looks like something I definitely need to know. Thanks

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