Tips for using Cereal Boxes


Mixed media art is all about creating artwork with the things you have around you and cereal box cardboard and the inner plastic bags have long been collected by Michelle Brown.

Today she shows you what she means when she says “cereal box cardboard” or “plastic sheeting”, and talks about how to store them and ways to use them.



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Happy creating.

recycling cereal boxes and their inner plastic bags to use in mixed media art



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  1. Smokie says:

    I cut them down and make mini albums or use them for chipboard pieces.

  2. Framing dude says:

    It’s great to offer your readers these accessible ways into art and creating their own stuff! Mixed media is great for that, you don’t have to go out and source all these expensive or inaccessible materials to take part.

  3. Amanda says:

    The plastic is great for making mini journals, I made some last year with some tags, it turned out really lovely and it was great knowing that the majority of things used were recycled and could look so pretty!

  4. Linda says:

    I haven’t used the wax bags for anything been throwing those in the recycle bin. But I save the cereal boxes and flatten them the same way she does, I’ve used them as posters to write prices down for my items at shows, been saving them up to make little trunks with them for displays. perhaps sell at my shows.

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