Life is Ours – Mixed Media Art Journal

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This article is written by Terri Sproul

Art journals are a place to let yourself free.  There are no wrong or right way to play in your journals, so just sit down and have fun.  Playing with lots of medium made your experience even more fun, so step out of your box and purchase something new.

Alternative text: video of art journaling by Terri Sproul

Have fun with Details, Color and Texture to complete a fun experience and Art journal page

video of art journaling by Terri Sproul

Product that were used in this Art Journal page are listed below.


Products used in this Art Journal page:

CottonWood Art Journal

Silk Acrylic Glaze from ColourArte:  Guatemalan Green and Autumn Leaf

Stamps:  SinCity Stamps, and Verses Rubber Stamps

Stencil:  Unknown

Golden:  Regular Gel Matte, Light Molding Paste


India Ink

Faber-Castell – Pitt Pens Black

FineLine Applicator

Paint Brushes, Baby Wipes

video of art journaling by Terri Sproul

video of art journaling by Terri Sproul


Terri Sproul is a CHA designer and a Mixed Media Artist with her own line of stamps with SinCity Stamps and own paint line with Sakura Hobby Crafts.  She and her husband have the pleasure of living on Palomar Mountain in San Diego County in California.  She present host a live show about Art Journals on Tuesday night, find all that info at her Facebook group “All things Terri Sproul”

Find more of her video at and her blog:




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