And the Winners are…

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Wow! What a great response to our Gelli Prints give-away as part of our Mixed Media Canvases with Plaid FolkArt paints tutorial. Thank you for all of your comments and good wishes!

Plaid Kit MixedMedia by Michelle Brown

It was great to hear which were your favorite color combinations and what you would to with these fun Gelli plate prints on deli paper and text ephemera. The Pinks and Oranges certainly seems to be the most popular!

Acrylic Paints Folk Art with mixed media collage

It was fun creating these bright color combinations and making the mixed media canvases with these paints.

And the winners are:


Plaid FolkArt give away

Wendy P

Plaid FolkArt give away


Plaid FolkArt give away

Ladies, please email your postal address to Michelle [CreateMixedMediaArt at gmail dot com] and we will get the kits off to you!

Acrylic Paints Folk Art

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Mixed Media Artist: Tara Pasher


Our Mixed Media Art community is a diverse bunch; from all around the world, with different interests and reasons why we create and a wide range of skills. We love to bring a variety of artwork, techniques and mixed media artists to you, especially some you may not have come across yet… you just never know where inspiration will come from!

This week Tara Pasher shares her passion for mixed media painting and a sample of her gorgeous work.


Tara Pasher and her untitled painting

Tara Pasher is a self-taught professional artist from Stoney Creek Ontario who discovered her passion for art at a very young age. Her works incorporate bold colours and heavy amounts of texture. She works with a wide range of mediums including birch bark, sand and even glass. Tara has been painting on canvas just over 3 years. With much success with all her endeavors within the art world, she hopes to become a full time artist.

scratched mixed media painting

Artist Statement: It’s much easier for me to express what I feel on canvas. Painting is a huge part of who I am and I’m so thankful I have gotten the opportunity to share my work with others. I put a lot of my heart into each piece and it is a deep form of flattery when someone wants to hang my art in their home. Every experience I’ve ever had in life, inspires me to paint. Thank you to everyone for all your positive feedback. 🙂

Bright reds and aqua brings our attention to this piece


 You can see more of Tara’s work at her website or on her Facebook page ~ Art by Tara.

"Underneath" mixed media collage painting

Brilliant purples in this mixed media piece



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Painted Background on Canvas

Here is a step by step guide to creating the background used on this Mixed Media Collage on a 4″ x 4″ mini canvas.


The mini canvas was bought from an arts supply store for less than $1. The two paints chosen are a purple and a bright maroon (Chromacryl Students Acrylic – Violet and Jo Sonjas Artist Gouache – Red Violet).


The purple paint was used first, starting from the top left hand corner and the bottom right corner, slowly working with a barely damp brush and moving the paint inwards.


To further fade the paint, a slight amount of water was added to the brush and the paint was watered down along the middle. Then with some paper towel, a small amount of paint was blotted off. Repeating this process improved the fading of the paint. When you are happy with the effect, allow that layer of paint to dry (a heat gun helps to speed the process along).

The maroon paint was then added in a similar way – apply the paint along the middle, the add a wetter brush to thin it out and blend it back into the purple paint. Blot with paper towel. Allow to dry.


Now we are ready to add some visual texture to the canvas. As this surface is tricky to stamp onto directly, the stamping is done onto tissue paper, then added to the canvas. Stamping needs to be done with an ink that won’t run when wet. Staz-On is a great ink to use in this application (Tsukineko StazOn Solvent Inkpad, Jet Black) Pigment inks are water based and will not work for this technique.


Take the stamped tissue paper and tear out the piece you want to add. Tearing the edges gives a feathered edge that blends into the background better than straight, cut edges. A vanish was used to adhere the tissue paper to the canvas. Gel medium or a runny glue will also work. Carefully apply the glue or vanish onto the back of the tissue paper and give it a few moments to soak in. Also apply a layer of glue onto the canvas. Very carefully lay the wet tissue paper onto the canvas. Smooth out the tissue paper with your finger nail, to remove any bubbles or excessive glue. Be very careful here or the tissue paper will tear. This does add an interesting effect and won’t completely ruin your canvas,but it is very annoying. Set aside to fully dry. Allow to air dry and resist the temptation to use your heat gun.


Now your canvas is ready to decorate.


Happy creating!


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