Neocolor I v Neocolor II – A Funny Story

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This article is written by Terri Sproul

Funny story, I found a newer product for me called NeoColor II

Neocolor ii by Caran D’Ache

Off the the store to purchase, first off they do not have them at Michael’s.
Got mine at Dick Blicks, BUT I did not purchase the right ones; I pick up NeoColor I

Neocolor i by Caran D’Ache

NeoColor I are Water Resistant Wax pastels

Well I came home with the NeoColor I and play with them and figured out they were NOT the product I was looking for??? Hum…. back to the store. This time got the NeoColor II, which are water solvent wax pastels, basically water color crayons.

This is a canvas I made using NeonColor II

mixed media art canvas

Are Journal page using Neoncolor II

mixed media art journal

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