Inspiration Word Blocks

This article is written by Melanie Statnick

My mother is a Tole Painter of over 20 years. I watched her carve out time for her art from work and motherhood. Each night she would spend long hours painting on wood, tin and more. Painting folk art on everything she could alter. She sold her art at bazaars and gave them as gifts to friends and family. She was an inspiration to me growing up. My Father who worked with wood by trade would make what she couldn’t find or needed more. The art and carpenter gene was pasted down to me. I adore working with word and altering objects.

Woodblock, knobs, and balls

I have drawers full of wood blocks, knobs, balls, and cut images. I wanted to share with you what I created. These word blocks are inspiration for art friends, family or gifts.

Materials Needed:

1 Large wood block

1 Small wood block

1 door knob

4 wood balls with flat edge

Acrylic paint

Collage images/words

Wood glue

Gel Medium

Start by painting all four sides of wood blocks, knob and wood balls for the bottom. Have some creative ideas in mind before you start gluing your images down. You can be as simple or elaborate as you’d like. Make sure you have some word rub’ ons or stickers you’d like to use.

Stamp, stencil or glue paper to four sides of your square blocks.

Wood blocks, knob and wood balls with different paints

Once you have all your sides painted the way you like you can begin to glue your collage images down to the sides for your blocks. Leave two sides open for a top and bottom with both blocks. Once satisfied with your design use the wood glue to glue your smaller block onto your large one.

You will also need to glue your door knob on top of the smaller block. On your large block follow the same direction leaving a top and bottom open for the small block and “feet” that are the wood balls. Glue your small block on to the large block and glue your wood balls to the bottom of the large block. Glue your knob on last. Leave plenty of drying time.

Blocks with collage images

 Blocks with collage images

Blocks with collage images

Embellish your word blocks with your intuition. Use the words you’ve chosen as inspiration to help you complete your blocks. I used gem stones, stamps, and outlined my images. So many possibilities for these. Use different shapes for the knobs and feet. Get creative and have fun!


Author bio:

Melanie Statnick is a Canadian Mixed Media & Collage Artist out of North Carolina. Melanie creates art daily from her private studio. You can see her artworks at her website Her style is fun, whimsy and eclectic. Melanie is also an Art Instructor for local venues and community colleges for students of all ages.

Melanie Statnick in action


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Mixed Media Artist: Ann Strecko Koeman

This article is writen by Ann Strecko Koeman

Hi. My name is Ann, I have always been making stuff. In fact just two days ago a fellow scrap booking friend stopped by my house, it was her first time. As I was giving her the nickel tour of my home and then my craft room area she asked: “Is there ANYTHING you don’t do?” I did have to admit that I don’t know metal work very much. Hee hee. Actually, there are probably many things I could learn and it will take more than the rest of my life. That is why I am hardly ever bored, I am too busy.

Ann’s Arts and Crafts         Ann’s Arts and Crafts         Ann’s Scrapbook

As a little girl I would spend hours gluing, stapling, taping, and stringing odds and ends into whatever my imagination wanted. I learned to sew at my mother’s side when I was at pre-school. I wrote little stories and illustrated them. I learned to knit and cook before I was nine. I loved flowers and playing in the dirt in my toddler years. As an adolescent I built forts in our woods and igloos in the winter. I have always been creative and wanted to make whatever I imagined.

Ann’s Arts and Crafts         Creativity         Creativity

Today at, ahem… 45 years, I have amassed an incredible collection of skills and stuff. My skills impress my friends and family. My stuff, well, shocks! But it is organized! I love to collect stuff and find a use for it down the road. My collecting, repairing and repurposing drives my husband insane! He has little vision! We clash. I persevere. I do not like to throw stuff out and just go buy new. I hate waste. Thankfully we own a large home and I am able to stuff it in an organized manner. Hee hee

Arts and Crafts                                              Arts and Crafts

My children think I can fix anything! And always bring me stuff to repair. They think it is normal, and believe every mom can multi task and is creative. I have sewn and knitted many or their baby clothes. I continued to sew many articles for them over the years. Even now in their teenage years I sew some of their pajamas. I do more altering and repairs now, as they are, well, teens. I have made many of their costumes for Halloween or plays. I crochet some of their favorite video game characters. We have made buildings and towns out of cardboard boxes, board games from the recycling bin contents, and more.

Until a few years ago I had never heard of Mixed Media. When I did I thought, “that’s me!” I do and love so many things and often combine them. I sew, knit, crochet, scrapbook, do paper crafts, draw, paint, repurpose, decorate, garden, cook etc… In art school I got discouraged because of one professor, and there was family pressure to have “something to fall back on”. I switched concentrations. I went to University and Graduate school and became a professional. And hated it! I kept my “hobbies” and became a wife and mother, I was happier!
My kids are my proudest creations.



Ann lives east of Ottawa, Canada’s capital, in a small bucolic country town with her husband of nineteen years, their two teenage sons and a meowing fur ball on four legs.  She has been creating since she could hold scissors and hasn’t stopped.  She was introduced to mixed media four years ago and declared: “That’s me”.

You can see more of Ann’s work at Ann Makes.



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Finding your Creativity with Andrea

Hello there. My name is Andrea, I am a Creativity Goddess over at ABCcreativity and I’ve been invited to talk to you today about where creativity comes from.

The way I see it, that is pretty simple. Creativity comes from us. It’s who we are.

Human beings are so creative we are practically magic.

I see creativity as your inner wisdom, intuition, authenticity, uniqueness and passion all rolled into one. The way I see it, you can’t not be creative.

How did you choose what to wear this morning? That was a creative decision.

How you raise your children. How you do your job. How you do your hair. How you manage your finances. How you nurture your relationships. These are all creative acts.

remember: there is creative genius inside you (let it out)Every single one of us is so enormously creative. Everything we do is so dripping with creative energy that we don’t even notice it anymore. But as children we noticed it. We appreciated it. We reveled in it.

As adults, when we don’t feel creative it’s not because our creativity isn’t there. It’s because we’re not appreciating it. We’re not reveling in it. We’re ignoring it.

And the option is always there for us to go back to that appreciation. To open the door to our creativity and discover what we can really do. To discover who we really are.

I’m sure you’ve seen this in your mixed media explorations. Ideas come to you. You feel good. You feel strong. You feel empowered. Something about playing with creativity just feels so right.

It’s healing.

It feels good and right and healing because what you are doing, in opening up to your creativity, is opening up to your inner wisdom, intuition, authenticity, uniqueness and passion.

You are opening up to who you really are.

You are a creative genius.





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