Creating a Mini Mixed Media Canvas


Kina, from The Stamp Room, has made this cute little mixed media collage on a 4″ x 4″ canvas. She shares her process with us.

This little 4×4 canvas was gessoed, I then took my new Hexagon 6×6 stencil from the Crafters Workshop and a little embossing paste.

While this was all drying, my Prickley Pear Rubber Stamp large Hibiscus die came out. I punched out 4 flowers in metal, used Copic RV93 and RV95 to color them, and made the large flower by cutting and gluing it.

Next I stamped with Archival ink, I used both of the PPRS Hibiscus Clear Stamp sets. I also used the smaller Hibiscus die and cut out 3 paper flowers using BoBunny’s “C’est La Vie” paper pad.

Time to paint!! I used my new Art Anthology Inc. Colorations Vineyard Spray as well as Distress Victorian Velvet and Bundled Sage. Glued down paper, again from BoBunny’s  C’est La Vie paper collection, and a strip of folded washi tape from Prima’s Sunrise Sunset collection.

My big metal flower and one of the little ones got tiny orchid colored glassbeads glued to the edges and I added a white “pearl” to the middle of each flower, glued the big flower in place and stamped my Sentiment from the PPRS Hibiscus Set 2 in Archival ink.

Mini Mixed Media Canvas by Kina

I sure hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!


Kina can be found, hanging out in her Stamp Room in Florida, USA.




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Janelle Nichol’s Online Class: Glow-Paint Using Watercolors and Acrylics for a Fantasy-like atmosphere

~ * ~

This article is written by Peg Rounds

All of the details have been added & the project is now finished

The “Glow” class by Janelle Nichol is perfect for the beginner who wants to learn how to do a mixed media canvas to the advanced person who would love to have some more creative ideas to use.  The class is an online class and is easy to sign up using the Skillshare website.  I found the site really easy to use and get around on to find the videos every time I signed into it.  The class is broken down into 14 videos which is helpful in going through it step by step and you are able to go back to a video and view it again if needed.  The only downside I found was at times the sound was really low and I would have to turn my speakers way up to hear.

Janelle does an awesome job walking you through the supplies you will need and what you can use if you don’t have the same things.  She has a dedicated video just on the supplies, but be sure to also look below the video for a print list as not everything is covered in the video.  There were a couple of things she used in later videos that weren’t mentioned in the supply video or on the list such as magenta paint and chunky glitter so if you can watch through the videos before starting that is very helpful to make sure you have everything.  I didn’t have the glitter and couldn’t get it so I substituted for a glitter I hand on hand.  I, also, could not find locally the same types of materials she suggested for the dress so I have a different type and color for mine.  By using the list and video she has created, you will find that you have many things on hand already and for those that you don’t, you will be able to readily get from your local craft stores.

One of the beginning steps is to create color and texture using Distress Stains and Mod Podge on the patterned paper.  It is fun to watch how these beginning steps help lay the foundation for the rest of the piece.  The heart in the corner of mine was not knowingly created and I found it after the piece had dried.  It was fun to see what happened with it as the layers were added.

Scripted Paper with Inked with Blue & Brown Distress Stain

After several more layers of paint and Mod Podge, you will really start seeing the canvas taking shape.  Again, Janelle does a wonderful job at showing you how to create the fairy to attach to the project.  If you don’t think you can draw a fairy, don’t worry she’s got it covered with the addition of printable pieces to help you create your own.  She, also, helps you with creating the wings which are really easy to do, too.

The fairy & her wings have been attached and the painting of the waistband and hairband are done

You will learn how to finish the fairy and then move on to how to paint the details such as her hair, the waistband and headband.  You will, also, find out how to add shading to her dress, skin and wings.

The trees have been painted and the another layer using sequins have been added to the piece

I found this to be an excellent class to take and the finished project is well worth the time and effort put into it. The videos are easy to follow and the items used are already on hand for most mixed media artists or are easily obtainable.   I would recommend it highly for everyone who enjoys creating mixed media pieces from the beginner to the advanced.

You can jump straight into Janelle’s Glow; Create a Mixed Media Fairy here


Peg Rounds has been seriously creating many types of art since 2007.  Her focus has become mixed media, card making and jewelry making.  She is often found on social media sites Pegs Crafting Corner where she enjoys sharing all that she has created.


Disclosure: Access to this course was supplied by Janelle Nichols for the purpose of review. All opinions are that of the MixedMediaArt team. Some links on this page may be affiliate links and any purchases help to support the ongoing work by MixedMediaArt. 


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“Under Glass” Mixed Media Steampunk Canvas

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This aricle is written by Anjuli Johnson

I have become rather obsessed with cloche’s and bell jars.  I’ve started collecting them and using them to display books and things around my house.  I love the vintage, sophisticated feel they bring to any room.  Not to mention, they make me feel like part of a fairy tale (I’m thinking Disney’s Beauty and the Beast here, in case you were wondering).  So when I found that Tim Holtz had some mini bell jars in his Idea-ology collection, I couldn’t resist bringing home a package.

Under Glass- mixed media steampunk art

I grabbed a 6*6*1 ½ inch canvas, and turned it around so that I could use the center hole in the back as the display for the cloche.  I wasn’t sure exactly how this project was going to come together, so I covered everything with acrylic gesso to prepare the surface and help cover the staples and the transition from the wood to the canvas.  The rest of the process was a step by step decision of which elements to use and where.  To decorate the cloche, I knew I wanted a natural plant type of look, so I went to Michael’s to find some moss and maybe some small branches or twigs that would be made for models.  Well, I did find some moss and some small branches of grapevine- they were scattered on the ground, about to swept up and thrown away.  So I grabbed a small handful and asked if I could save them from the depths of the abyss- I didn’t even have to ask.  J  And now my mini cloche shimmers with a touch of green and a tiny swirling branch with a hint of moss hanging down.  Perfect!

I love the chipboard lamp and frame in the background that add a dollhouse type of look, especially as the background for the cloche.  Just seeing all these elements come together is giving me lots of ideas for how to use the rest of these mini cloche’s to create different types of assemblage pieces. I haven’t done much assemblage art, but I’m pretty excited to try some new techniques that could really stretch me as a mixed media artist.

Close up of mixed media steampunk art

I do plan on framing this with a floating frame to give it a more finished look.  Then it’s just a matter of deciding where to display it!

I made a video to showcase the whole process, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Feel free to leave comments and links to your own projects with Tim Holtz mini bell jars.


Anjuli Johnson is a Mixed Media Artist from Raleigh, NC.  She began her art career as a scrapbooker, and it’s been an evolutionary process every since.  She loves all things mixed media- paper, glue, paint, canvas, pens, wire, gears… the list goes on and on.  She is constantly trying to push through her fears to discover and develop her talents, meet new people, and learn from those around her. For more of her projects and techniques check out her blog at




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Neocolor I v Neocolor II – A Funny Story

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This article is written by Terri Sproul

Funny story, I found a newer product for me called NeoColor II

Neocolor ii by Caran D’Ache

Off the the store to purchase, first off they do not have them at Michael’s.
Got mine at Dick Blicks, BUT I did not purchase the right ones; I pick up NeoColor I

Neocolor i by Caran D’Ache

NeoColor I are Water Resistant Wax pastels

Well I came home with the NeoColor I and play with them and figured out they were NOT the product I was looking for??? Hum…. back to the store. This time got the NeoColor II, which are water solvent wax pastels, basically water color crayons.

This is a canvas I made using NeonColor II

mixed media art canvas

Are Journal page using Neoncolor II

mixed media art journal

You can see more of Terri Sprouls on her weekly show, live on Tuesday at 6 PM PST / 7 PM MST / 8PM CST / 9PM EST (New York Time)
Join her group on Facebook to get links weekly and details.




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