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This article is written by Vicki Ross

What is a Collage Bubble? We all get ‘em, we all hate ‘em, but what are you gonna do with ‘em?

Simple, really. I worked with an xActo knife so many years during the pre-computer paste-up graphics days that I would wear mine behind my ear like some people do a pencil. Really!

So, suffice it to say, I have pretty good knife skills. This short video will explain my way to fix bubbles in your collage work. You don’t have to fix them, but if they seem problematic with what you intend the finished product to look like, you can fix in a few short minutes.

collaged mixed media can often result in bubbles

Because of the aforementioned knife skills, I did not use a cutting mat under my page. This striped paper is wallpaper, probably washable, and pre-pasted. However, with a generous coat of matt medium on both the wallpaper and the journal page, I still ended up with bubbles (note: not all the wallpaper I experimented with did this). SO, even though you are cutting just through the wallpaper, you might want to put that cutting mat under the page.

I’m just sayin’.


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Vicki Ross is focused on sharing her journey to art and how life events can shape us through creativity. Vicki has always been involved deeply in the creative arts, from professional soft crafts publications (knitting/crochet/needlework) to French Hand-sewing, stencilling to macramé, oil painting to encaustics. Whatever your leaning, she believes in the healing power of creating.

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