Storing your Gelli Arts & Gel Press Prints


When you get into creating your own background papers with monoprinting, whether you are using a homemade gelatine plate,  a GelliArts plate or a Gel Press one, once you get started, the prints start flowing!

Before you know it you have  H-U-G-E pile of gel prints!

Storing your gel press monoprinting gelli arts gel press gel prints

When it comes time to use your some of your beautiful papers, it gets frustrating when you have to shuffle through a large pile of printed paper and deli papers. Here Michelle talks about her approach to sorting and storing her gel prints, as inspired by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.


I hope you find this simple concept easy to adapt to your own gel prints storage. It can even be adapted to all of your scrapbooking and ephemera papers. You can always create more categories to sort but remember that if you make your system too complicated then, you’ll be less likely to use it, so keep it simple when you are getting started with sorting and storing your gel prins. You can improve on your storage system once you have a simple system that works for you.

If you are looking for ideas on using your lovely printed papers, see What to do with your Gel Plate Prints for inspiration. Having your own, unique gel prints allows you to create simple pieces that will always have a personal touch, because the printed papers are originals.

Happy creating,

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Crafting time and still no ideas?

Do you find that on occasions you have time for crafting and no ideas or inspiration? Here are a few ideas to get you going:

– Pull out that sketch book or art journal and revisit your previous sketches and ideas

– Pull out a coloured box of small pieces of paper and sort through them – bringing different colours together will grab our attention and spark our creativity

– Start on a small project – like greeting cards or ATCs

– Choose a drawer or box you haven’t looked in for a while and look through it; you may find something found or bought long ago that you had forgotten

– Pull out your UFO box (UnFinished Objects) and see what can be finished or transformed into something new.

We would love to hear how you spark your creativity ~ leave us a comment!

mixed media gothic arch art

Happy creating!

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