Creating a Simple Mandala Design

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This article is written by Shari Welch

What does a mandala look like? A simple explanation of what a mandala looks like is that it kind of looks like a detailed, abstract flower.

On a spiritual level, mandalas are useful devices for centering yourself and getting in touch with your own inner reality. When you color a mandala, you can connect with your spiritual core. Mandalas have long been a part of spiritual practice for many cultures around the world, from Celtic to Tibetan.

Mandalas can be very detailed works of art. Today I am going to show you a way to create a mandala that looks more difficult than it really is. We will be using lines, dots, circles, and a few diamond shapes. You can create this in an hour or less.

Finished mandala piece

Lets get started

1.Start with a 4×4 canvas. I used a lid as a template to create the main circle.

canvas with plain circle

2.Paint around the outside of the circle black.To create the dots you can use the end of a paintbrush, an eraser, glass head pin, dowel, pencil lead, pencil end. You should experiment because each one will give you a different size of dot. Continue to add dots to fill your circle.

dots around inside edge

dots filling circle

3.Experiment using different shades of the same color family, complementary colors, etc. on top of the dots that are already on your canvas. You can add small dots around larger ones to define them. It’s really up to you.

dots on dots

4. Experiment with dashes, diamonds, curved and straight lines until you are happy with your piece.

Finished mandala piece


I have been creating art for as long as I can remember. I studied graphic design in Portland,Oregon before moving to Denton, Texas and putting all my focus on mixed media art. In addition to being an article writer for mixed media art, I am on the Creative Paperclay Design team, The Robin’s Nest Design team and a blogger for DecoArt. I strongly believe in giving back. I volunteer at Scrap Denton Creative Reuse Center where I teach workshops, art camps, and perform art demos. I am very passionate about mixed media art and helping others discover their creativity.
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