Handmade Vintage Christmas Greeting Cards

With the Holiday season approaching, it’s time to get started on our handmade greeting cards. Here we have used our Mixed Media Art Ephemera Sheet 17 ~ Vintage Christmas Greetings to get us started. Once you have downloaded the ephemera sheet and get it printed, it makes it easy to create individual handmade greeting cards.

These Vintage Christmas Greetings have also come from my Aunt’s vintage greeting cards collection. The box is still FULL of cards and interesting ephemera that you haven’t seen yet and I just LOVE going through the musty smelling papers to bring the interesting and the strange vintage images to you.

using vintage images to create your own handmade greeting card

Tools and Materials


1. Download and print off your Vintage Christmas greeting ephemera sheet. Gather supplies together. You can choose the colored card that suits the image that you have chosen.

2. Cut out the image you will be using. I prefer to use a craft knife, steel rule and cutting mat.

3. Cut imaging into roughly thirds, taking the image as a guide to get the best fit. Don’t worry if you make a mistake – just print the ephemera sheet out and start again!

4. Edge three panels with black ink. Let them sit for a minute or so to dry.

5. Use double sided tape to stick three panels onto green card, leaving a gap of about 5mm [3/18″] between panels and around edges. I did this by eye, but you can measure the distances if you would prefer.

6. Cut out the green card, using the craft knife.

7. Layer the green card with three image panels onto the cream metallic paint. Cut it out. I used a slightly smaller border, just to allow the image to sit up off the backing card.

8. My original plan was to put this straight onto the green card, folded in half, but something was missing.

9. I pulled out a holly stamp to tie in with the image theme.

10. Stamp holly around the edge of the green card. Use part images and turn the stamp to add interest and variety from one stamp.

11. Layer image and background onto stamped green card. And admire your work now that your greeting cards finished – don’t forget to sign the back and add the date.

Handmade greeting cards with mixed media art epherma sheet

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