Top Tips for Storing your Mixed Media Art Materials

Part of practising you mixed media art skills is to get out your collection of tools and materials and use them on a regular basis. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find something you are SURE you have bought or found and put somewhere “safe”; so safe that you can’t remember where it is. Here are my top tips for storing your mixed media art materials.

1. Good Papers

These are the beautiful sheets of paper that you do intend to use at some stage but for now they are just too pretty to use. I store mine in folders with plastic pockets so I can leaf through them. They are grouped into paper types (vellum, metallic etc).

2. Small Papers

Once a larger sheet has been used up and you want to keep the off cuts, these can be stored in boxes and sorted in colour groups.

3. Embellishments

Buttons, shiny things, beads and stickers are all fantastic items to use as embellishments but without keeping them in neat storage, you will have lots of trouble finding just the one you want.

4. Other stuff

For everything that’s left, large boxed are great to putting those odds and ends into. Don’t forget to label each box to make things easier to find.



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Mixed Media Material Storage – Good Papers


As we get further into Mixed Media Arts we find it harder to throw things away, starting to see the potential in everyday objects, beautiful papers, shiny embellishments and other things. So we need to think about how to store them so they are easy to find when we need them and stored safely so they don’t get ruined.

Part 1 – Good Papers
I have collected gorgeous 12″x12″ and A4 papers for many years (sometimes I even use them). My best / favourite / most expensive pieces are stored in a display folder, grouped loosely in like types, rather than colours. The folders are stored flat.

Mixed Media Art
The groups of paper include:
– printed and plain vellum
– good stickers
– words and sentiments
– velvet papers
– metallic
– Japanese papers
– teabag folding preprints
– musi papers (fibreous)
– natural papers – with flower petals and leaves anthem
– embossed papers

If I use only half a sheet or even have a piece that is more than a quarter of the original size, I will return it to this folder. For pieces of paper smaller than this, stay turned to the next post.

Mixed Media Art.

I would love to hear about how you store your good papers ~ please leave a comment!


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