Mixed Media Christmas Tag

This article is written by M. Carmen Sánchez (aka Cuchy) of La Almohada

Christmas is approaching and with it, a huge list of expenses: the presents,
the big meals, the decorations…

If we add some expensive art supplies to that list…. our budget bursts

With a cost-cutting on mind, I want you to realize how many “art supplies”
we all have within reach and with no cost at all.

I bet you have all these everyday objects in your room. All of them can be used
as art supplies in our mixed media projects.

– Toilet / kitchen paper
– Toilet / kitchen paper tubes
– Any kind of lids
– Plastic wrap
– Paper wrapping from the presents
– Embellishments from the presents
– Bubble wrap
– Cardstock / cardboard
– Newspapers / magazines / old books
– Tissue paper
– Combs to give texture
– Sponges
– Buttons / ribbons / lace /
… and so on

Creativity has nothing to do with money. I would say… the less you have
the more creative you become 🙂

Let see how we can make a cool mixed media Christmas tag with
“almost nothing”

We will need a tag, coloured tissue paper, toilet paper, pva glue, a book page,
white and black markers, trim or ribbon and a bit of paint

Start painting the tag in a color that matches your tissue paper colour (you can
use white tissue and once dried, paint it with another colour if you want). Let it dry.

Tear the tissue paper in pieces and glue them to the tag in a random manner using
the pva glue, both underneath and over the paper pieces. Let it dry.

Now take a couple of sheets of toilet paper and -making a roll- soak it on a mixture
of water and pva glue at 50%. Make a heart shape over a piece of a book page.
Let it dry thoroughly.

Paint the heart and cut it out once dried. Glue it to the tag and punch or cut some stars
out of a book page. Finish the tag with some white/black dots and a ribbon.

That’s it! A cool tag to go with one of your presents this year. Easy and cheap.

I hope you like it and you give it a try. I would love to see what you come up with.


M. Carmen Sánchez – Cuchy

A mainly self-taught mixed media artist who loves to play with textures and layers
Member of the Kuretake’s Design Team -manufacturer of writing supplies- Design
Team Instructor of Stampers Best -american manufacturer of rubber stamps and
cling cushion mounting foam- and contributor and guest designer in various
Spanish and international blogs, she taught several workshops in Madrid and
Barcelona and loves to teach from her own experiences, and encourage the students
to think outside the box and put their inner self in everything they create, to achieve
a personal and unique result.

You can find more on her blog , her facebook page, or watch her broadcasting live
on her Livestream channel


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Are you becoming a “Frugal Artist”?

This article is written by Debbie Ward of Lucky Girl Paper Arts.

I find myself falling into a new category of paper crafter, the “frugal” artist. A few months ago, I had to put myself on a spending diet. I don’t know if any of you have ever done this, but, in short, you either reduce the amount of what you have been spending on your supplies or completely cut your spending 100%.

I had to do this because I had just come back from the local scrapbook store, happy with my purchases, until I got home, opened the items, and realized everything I bought I already owned. I was so angry with myself I gave myself a “time out” from spending. I had to get creative with things I already had laying around the house if I wanted to continue to create. I not only found it a challenge but I treated it like a game, and the best thing about it, I saved money.

Take a moment, think about what you might have in your own home that can be used in your card making arsenal. If you have children in your home, you may already be sitting on a large stockpile of doodads & trinkets. If you do not have children, start going through drawers and cabinets and you may be surprised what you might find. Here is a short list of things I found when I started looking around my own home: old books, corrugated cardboard from an old mailing box, aluminum foil, old jeans, buttons, string, pipe cleaners, game pieces from an incomplete game, beads from a broken necklace, playing cards from an old deck, postcards, tissue paper from a specialty store (I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away), sand paper, and metal washers.

Here are some samples of what I made with the treasures I found:

mixed media greeting card by Debbie Ward

Card made with 2 skewers (cut down) and twine

frugal artist debbie ward

Card made with a scrap of denim

Looking back at the month I was on my spending diet, I realized two things:
1. If there is ever a Project Runway for paper crafting and they have to make something from basically nothing, I can win that challenge.
2. My creativity doesn’t come from what I buy but what is inside of me.

I can’t say I will be throwing away all of my supplies after this, but it is nice to know that I can push myself creatively. As a side note, the money I saved from my spending diet was invested in new die cutting plates.

Debbie Ward 
has been paper crafting for many many many years. She loves to create cards, scrapbook pages and altered items. Debbie designs for a local scrapbook store, Hannah’s in Antioch Illinois USA. www.LuckyGirlPaperArts.com



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