Gelato Resistance Technique

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This article is written by Michelle G. Brown

Know what it’s like to wake up early with a BRILLIANT idea in your head?!? That happened to me this week and I couldn’t wait to combine this gorgeous Kaisercraft butterfly stencil with the Goosebumps and Gelatos! The results was this bright card  – perfect for my nieces birthday!

Gelatos work well with this resistance technique with goosebumps

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Michelle G Brown creates this bright butterfly birthday card

* Shipping tags

Kaisercraft Template – Flutter

* Goosebumps by Imagine Crafts 

* Gelatos – Tropical Set by Faber-Castell


  • plastic cereal box sheet
  • masking tape
  • water container

And card making stuff, as desired

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Gelato Resistance Technique

Gather materials and add the tags onto the plastic sheet, using masking tape to secure the stencil (it’s easier than trying to hold it still with one hand and apply the Goosebumps with the other – trust me on this one!)

Michelle G Brown creates this Gelato Resistance Technique

Daub the Goosebumps medium on the stencil. Once you get to the end, go back to the start and repeat to add a second layer. Take care not to add too much or the stencil will bleed.

Michelle G Brown creates this resistance background

Set tags aside to dry. Wipe your stencil clean with a baby wipe or kitchen towel and a little water. The goosebumps will clean off your stencil if you wipe it STRAIGHT AWAY!

The Goosebumps medium also comes in “Shimmer” which has silver glitter in the mixture.

Michelle G Brown creates this background with shimmer goosebumps

Grab your Gelatos – I used the Tropical set. You can use a combination that inspires you!

Color in with the Gelatos. This is the fun part!

Michelle G Brown creates a Gelato resistance background

Then use water to activate the Gelatos. I use my finger and start with the lighter colours, cleaning off my finger between colours. Use kitchen towel to rub over your butterflies and clean them up a bit.

Michelle G Brown creates a Gelato resistance backgrounds

Some clean off better than others, depending on the amount of goosebumps applied – I love this effect!

Michelle Brown creates a Gelato resistance background

Now your tags are ready to turn into whatever you choose – a card, bookmark or gift tag!

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Butterfly Birthday Card

Gather your card making stuff. Here I’ve used black card with silver ink and a few other embellishments to complete the card.

Michelle G Brown makes a handmade greeting card

Using shipping tags makes it easy to add fibres into the top hole. I’ve also added a bit of bling.

Handmade greeting card

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Gelato Resistance Trials

After I finished my first card with Goosebumps I realised I had other mediums that could also produce a resist with the Gelatos. So for the sake of completeness, I trialled a total of four mediums:

1. Goosebumps

2. Clear embossing powder

3. Crayon (using pink because I couldn’t find my white one)

4. Gesso

Each mini tag got a butterfly in each of the mediums

shipping tag trials

Then I applies the same Tropical Gelatos as above, using the same process.


Here are the final results:

1. Goosebumps – quick an easy and produces a soft resist

2. Clear Embossing Powder – produces a clear, shiny image. Applying the heat to melt the embossing powder has made the small tag a bit wavy

3. Crayon – quick and easy; not a solid image but a different look

Michelle G Brown is super creative

4. Gesso – nice white image

Gesso with stencil for mixed media resistance technique

Each medium produces a slightly different effect, so feel free to choose whichever medium you have on-hand. It’s great to have so many options when it comes to creating fun backgrounds for your mixed media art project.

Happy creating!


Michelle G. Brown is passionate about mixed media art and enjoys sharing her knowledge and techniques with you to allow you to express your own creativity. Michelle understands that many of us have an inner need to create. By learning a few basic techniques the amazing world of mixed media art is accessible to everyone!

Michelle lives with her husband and two boys in Melbourne, Australia.


Disclosure: Some of  these products have been provided by Imagine Crafts and Kaisercraft  for the purpose of review. All opinions are that of the MixedMediaArt team. The links on this page are affiliate links and any purchases help to support the ongoing work by MixedMediaArt.

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Crayon Backgrounds

This article is written by M. Carmen Sánchez – Cuchy from La almohada

When it comes to play in an artistic way, one of my favourite things is to create backgrounds, testing different products, materials, surfaces… and whatever I had within reach.

And if I play with my little kid while creating, much better.

This is a background technique perfect to do with kids (under adult supervision, due to the use of an iron)

Just grab your kids’ wax crayons in your favourite colours and sharpen them. We want the shavings for our project.

Take a glossy cardstock and lay the shavings in a colourful pattern.

Put a piece of parchment or wax paper over it and iron it without steam.

Wait a bit for drying or lift the paper right away. See the different outcomes and texture. I love it.

Now you can use it as it, cut into pieces and use it in other projects, embed collage paper in the wax, or apply the same technique in other surfaces.

I made a bright christmas card. Hope you like it.

using melted crayon background for gift handmade cards


Carmen Sánchez, also know as Cuchy, is a mainly self-taught mixed media artist who loves to play with textures and layers.

Cuchy is a member of the Kuretake’s Design Team, manufacturer of writing supplies, Design Team Instructor of Stampers Best, american manufacturer of rubber stamps and cling cushion mounting foam, and contributor and guest designer in various Spanish and international blogs. She has taught several workshops in Madrid and Barcelona and loves to teach from her own experiences, and encourage the students to think outside the box and put their inner self in everything they create and to achieve a personal and unique result.

You can find more on her blog, her facebook page, or watch her broadcasting live on her Livestream channel.



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Super-quick Background Resistance Technique

This mixed media technique for creating a resistance image with white crayon is a simple method to make backgrounds, that is super-quick to complete and ideal for making many sheets for a large project.

1. Gather materials; used on old conference paper text sheet (as available in the Ephemera kits), white crayon, brayer (like this Ranger Inky Roller Brayer, Medium 3-5/16-Inch) and Tim Holtz Distress Ink Pads in pine needles.

2. Use the white crayon to draw a pattern on the text sheet. I created swirls and squiggles. While it is hard to see where you have been, the light will just catch the crayon, so you get an indication of where you have already drawn. As I was going for a grunge look, I wasn’t too concerned.

3. Load the brayer up with ink and apply across text page, at varying angles. The white crayon will begin to appear. I tried the direct-to-paper method with the ink pad but it was too hard to get a thick enough layer for the crayon to show through. Also my brayer is small, so each ink application doesn’t go very far and a motley affect results. As I’m going for a grunge look, I wasn’t concerned. A bigger brayer will give a more even finish.

4. Continue to reload the ink onto the brayer and apply to the text sheet until it is completely covered to your satisfaction.

Now I have a background sheet ready to use in making my Christmas cards for this year. As I make about 50 cards each year, I need a design that will be easy to make many sheets and this background method suits that perfectly!

Happy creating!
(Hope that was quick enough for you!)



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