Finding your Creativity with Andrea

Hello there. My name is Andrea, I am a Creativity Goddess over at ABCcreativity and I’ve been invited to talk to you today about where creativity comes from.

The way I see it, that is pretty simple. Creativity comes from us. It’s who we are.

Human beings are so creative we are practically magic.

I see creativity as your inner wisdom, intuition, authenticity, uniqueness and passion all rolled into one. The way I see it, you can’t not be creative.

How did you choose what to wear this morning? That was a creative decision.

How you raise your children. How you do your job. How you do your hair. How you manage your finances. How you nurture your relationships. These are all creative acts.

remember: there is creative genius inside you (let it out)Every single one of us is so enormously creative. Everything we do is so dripping with creative energy that we don’t even notice it anymore. But as children we noticed it. We appreciated it. We reveled in it.

As adults, when we don’t feel creative it’s not because our creativity isn’t there. It’s because we’re not appreciating it. We’re not reveling in it. We’re ignoring it.

And the option is always there for us to go back to that appreciation. To open the door to our creativity and discover what we can really do. To discover who we really are.

I’m sure you’ve seen this in your mixed media explorations. Ideas come to you. You feel good. You feel strong. You feel empowered. Something about playing with creativity just feels so right.

It’s healing.

It feels good and right and healing because what you are doing, in opening up to your creativity, is opening up to your inner wisdom, intuition, authenticity, uniqueness and passion.

You are opening up to who you really are.

You are a creative genius.





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