Handmade Foam Stamps & Printing Plates

This article was written by Martice Smith II

Handmade Foam Stamps & Printing Plates


Handmade Foam Stamps & Printing Plates, tutorial by artist Martice Smith II

Supplies to gather:

  • cardstock or cardboard
  • dried baby wipes or paper towel
  • craft foam (with adhesive backing)
  • glazing medium (DecoArt)
  • heavy-bodied acrylics
  • foam brush
  • brayer
  • scissors
  • IrRESISTible Pico Embellisher (optional)

Handmade printing plate by artist Martice Smith II. Tutorial: 'Handmade Foam Stamps & Printing Plates'

1. Create a printing plate with craft foam.

Cut shapes out of the foam, peel off the paper backing and adhere them to a piece of cardboard (or cardstock) to make a printing plate.

Handmade printing plate, with circles and paint by artist Martice Smith II. Tutorial: 'Handmade Foam Stamps & Printing Plates'

2. Add paint to the printing plate with foam brush.

Baby wipe printed with handmade foam printing plates'. Handmade printing plate on cardstock by artist Martice Smith II.

3. Stamp onto dry baby wipe.

Repeat the design by rotating your printing plate.

Use a brayer for a crisp impression onto the surface. Let dry for one minute.

4. Apply a glaze over the paint. 

Mix one part glazing medium to one part of the heavy-bodied acrylic color of your choice. (I applied DecoArt’s Banana Cream -Yellow, mixed with DecoArt’s Glazing Medium

Dip brush into water and then into the glazing mixture.

Apply a generous wash over a section of the baby wipe, using a clean foam brush.

There are many benefits of using acrylic glazes as you build up layers and texture on delicate surfaces. This method is great because it offers a very graphic way of featuring a stamp’s design. Layers of visual texture can be achieved without the bulk and concern of ruining a delicate surface.

Glazing medium allows you to work with the acrylic paint longer and creates layers that are slightly translucent. Although the glazing medium changes the paint color slightly, it’s very cool to see how the paints interact! Experiment with different colors to find your favorite color combos.

Adding paint to handmade stamp; painting dots with handle end of paintbrush; Tutorial: 'Handmade Foam Stamps & Printing Plates'

5. Add paint to another stamp. 

Using a foam brush, apply a mixture of one part glazing medium and another color of paint.

Stamp onto the paper, repeating the image a few times.

Try this! Use the handle end of a paintbrush to add dots, in varying sizes.

Adding paint onto handmade triangle stamp; stamping randomly onto baby wipe.

6. Add another stamp design.

Mix up a new color with more glaze, apply the mixture with a foam brush and press the stamp onto the painted baby wipe.

Continue layering the background with overstamping to get a look you like.

Try this! For dimensional texture, outline a few of the shapes with an IrRESISTible Pico Embellisher (Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko).

Happy stamping! Be sure to share a link to your creation, down in the comment section!


Photo of artist Martice Smith II

Martice Smith II is creative director of Martice Smith II – Illustration & Design Studio, based in Missouri and owner of Uneek Art Boutique. She established herself as a freelance Illustrator and graphic designer after receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree. Specializing in mixed-media illustrations, Martice’s love for fashion, typography and wildlife are infused with a combination of traditional and digital art techniques.

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  1. What a great idea Martice! I will definitely try this, thanks for sharing!

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    What lovely fun – thanks for your technique!

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    Thank you Martice for a great idea! Can’t wait to try it.

  4. What a fun project!

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