“Acrylic Solutions” by Julie Prichard & Chris Cozen

Today we review the mixed media painting book “Acrylic Solutions” by Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen. It’s published by North Light Books 2013. It includes everything you need to get started with acrylic painting, both on canvas and a range of other surfaces. The book will also provide the experienced artist with the “why” and “how” paints and mediums behave as they do, as well as a variety of techniques. These are all pulled together to work through a series of lovely paintings.


And the WINNER of the Acrylic Solutions giveaway is ….

Elena Manali, from Athens Greece


Hello! I started using acrylics the last ten months.I was afraid of using them but since I made my first trial I was amazed with that medium! So many colours and the texture and the depth I can give in my mixed media collages I feel like I am hand building as a sculptor! I would be very happy to win a copy of the Acrylic solutions and I am sure that it will lead me to new paths in my work!

Athens Greece

Thank you all for your entries!


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Disclosure: This book has been provided by North Light Books for the purpose of review. All opinions are that of the MixedMediaArt team. The links on this page are affiliate links and any purchases help to support the ongoing work by MixedMediaArt.


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  1. Dear Michelle- thank you for such a great, comprehensive review of our book. I am happy that we were able to get those copies down to you! I just wanted to take a quick second to let everyone know that these techniques in no way require only the use of Golden products.. we reference them throughout the book, but as our students know, you can certainly find comparable materials in other brands…we hope that readers will note the techniques and the reasons why we chose the products we chose for each technique so that they can learn to cross reference with their own materials. It’s totally possible. Thank you again for your hard work with the review….we appreciate your help spreading the word about our book. – Julie

  2. karen conner says:

    I particularly like the step by step explanation on how layering your acrylics can achieve a totally different effect.
    I love trying new techniques. This book would be the perfect solution!

  3. Angeles says:

    I discovered acrylics few years ago when I felt in love with mixed media and art journaling. I found a new expressive way to explore my artistic side. Acrylics have a soft texture that you can alter and enrich with mediums and gels. They dry quick and can be mixed quite well with other kind of paintings and materials (watercolors, pastels, tissue papers, gesso, markers, acrylic pencils, stamps, collages …). You can get wonderful textures adding layers.
    And you can clean everything with just water!
    And also I discovered the pleasure of painting with my fingers. What a wonderful experience!

  4. Kim Miller says:

    I started out in Scrapbooking but now love mixed media. Using acrylics adds so much more texture, depth, and interest to what I am working on than paper could ever do alone!

    Thanks for the chance to win this book. I would love to have a copy.

  5. Jane Dill says:

    Thanks for your review. I LOVE this book! It totally makes sense in the way that they wrote it, building your skills and expertise, chapter by chapter. I use it all the time when getting ideas for my teaching. I’m teaching a 3-day class once/month in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico called Mixed Media & Abstract Lettering. Some Golden products are available here but 3x the cost of Mexican ones, so we use very little of them, and there are no Golden liquid acrylics available at all. We still do wonderful work, mixing Mexican liquid acrylics in basic colors and metalics (purple, red, blue, etc). Check out my students work on my website: http://www.janedill.com

    Jane Dill

  6. Nw smith says:

    Hello- so much great information in one book. I would find the how to achieve effects most interesting. But of course, we only know what we know. I’m a new artist seeking knowledge in mixed media.
    Time to return to my studio, nw

  7. Dawn Gaye says:

    Hey, y’all:) Why do I love using acrylic paint in my mixed media? Because of the color! Because of the quick drying! And because of the versatility!! I especially love the liquid acrylics – they can be thinned with water or a medium to become almost transparent. And then again, tube acrylic, especially with an impasto type medium added can mimic thickly applied oils. The amount of mediums, by the way… WOW. Everything from tiny beads to a thick gel to a runny glaze…. the headiness of CHOICE:)
    I know that any brand can be used in Mixed Media work, but Golden sure has my vote for quality. Liquitex would be my second choice. I could not live without acrylic gloss medium to add to my liquid acrylics; I use it for everything from making my own colored tissue paper to use in collage to finishing a mixed media piece with a speck of a quinacridone acrylic color mixed in to pull it all together.
    Yup, acrylics have my heart when it comes to my favorite way to add both color and texture to my work.
    By the way, I would LOVE to win the book “Acrylic Solutions”.


    I love using acrylics in my art because of the color. Acrylics add beautiful visual color to my mixed media.


  9. Michaela Matza says:


    Many thanks for the review of this book. It is really helpful to know what is in it and I love the fact that it is spiral bound and also the fact that there is a section telling you when to stop! I always find that one of the most difficult decisions to make! If I’m not lucky enough to win a copy it is definitely going on my wish list!

  10. Launie says:

    I love to work in acrylics. They offer versatlity, chroma, permanence with a variety of techniques.
    Launie M

  11. Caterina says:

    I like to use all kinds of media, but especially I love watercolors and acrylics. I like to experiment every day something different … thanks from Italy by Caterina

  12. April Lopez says:

    Acrylics are my first love in art making of any kind. They are simple to use and control and fast drying time helps so much.

  13. Carolyn says:

    I love using acrylics because of their versatility, no fumes and easy cleanup! I can add texture, sparkle, shimmer, shine, intensity,.. and the list goes on. What’s not to love.

  14. jane says:

    I LOVE the fact that it is spiral bound! LOL I would find that easy to work with since I am still learning and refer back to what I read so often. The guide and instructions to create and layer is something I am desperate for . I would love to win this book as I have just been following Chris Cozen and I am totally inspired by her work. Thank you for the review and the chance to win. jane

  15. Cynthia Jo says:

    I enjoy acrylics because they bring my work to light, I’m a beginner artist, and acrylics give me that “wow” look. I also like the way it feels gliding my brush across different media. Soooo thankful for acrylics!

    Cynthia Jo

  16. Jacqueline Douglas says:

    I love Acrylics for their complete versatility and the exciting
    techniques that can be achieved with them.
    No matter what I can always
    rely on Acrylic Paints, along with the many
    sensational Acrylic Mediums on the market today there is
    nothing more satisfying that getting lost in ” the zone” and painting
    with passion and freedom that Acrylic Paint allows.

  17. jeanniek says:

    I love acrylic paint, it has always been my favorite medium. The easy of use and clean up. Makes me feel like I have more control over my art work. The variety of acrylic colors are bar none! Lastly, acrylic is the best medium to use on my gelli plate, and I gotsta have me my gelli plate prints.
    I live in Minnesota, U.S.A.

  18. Well as a start – the front page of the book just grabbed me with the mini pics of the paintings covered….I just wanted to grab and open!!! Techniques to top it all abound! I live in South Africa and there are not many local reference books here.

    I have only ever used craft type PVA paints on craft work and it is in the last two years I have started on my “art” work and mixed media in particular.

    Acrylics are great because you can paint with them to look like watercolours or even oils, they dry fast, they can be blended , and watered down to be used as washes, you can mix it into mediums/texture pastes and gels. They are non toxic and less smelly than oil …..Best of all the brushes can be washed in water!! So they are tops in my art work at the moment!

  19. Sherry Mills says:

    Why do I love acrylic paint? Like a good friend, a big brother or the parish priest, it is very forgiving. I am a rank novice to this kind of visual art .My previous creative endeavors have been in filmmaking, but as I’ve gotten older I couldn’t keep up with all the innovations in cameras, computers, software, etc., and I wanted (actually needed and had to) find a new and relatively solitary way of putting my emotion and energy out there. Acrylic, collage, mixed media rescued me. Thanks be to the art angels that have guided me. Acrylic allows me to make mistakes and sometimes even turn those into successes. The range of colors it comes in and can be mixed to pretty much mimic every color found in nature, in daily life, in mental inspirations and images. It lets you manipulate it and doesn’t fight back. It lets you have a heavy hand or a whisper of a touch. It lets you make a big mess with no serious consequences. It wants you to be satisfied, happy. It won’t cheat on you, have an affair or leave you. It just wants you to love it, and I do … desperately!

  20. Julie says:

    I am a beginner and have a lot to learn. I would love some insight on different ways to use acrylics from those who know far more than I do. I believe that this book would teach me so much that I don’t know. I have worked with acrylic and love the vibrant colors and the ease of mixing them to make even more beautiful colors; as I LOVE colors. Thank you for this opportunity. 🙂

  21. Barbara Albrecht says:

    Chiming in from central Texas…I’m a beginner with mixed media and starting my collection of acrylic paints. I like acrylics because they don’t bleed when using other media on top or side-by-side. I also like that I can paint over dried acryics if I change my mind about a color used. I love using acrylics with my Gelli plate. I think this book would be a valuable resource for me

  22. Sheryl Ashley says:

    I am new to mixed media art but have dabbled in collage for many years. I am now adding acrylic paint to my creations. The paint is easy to work with and is forgiving. If you don’t like the way something turned out, you can paint over it. This also adds layers and interest in your art piece. I have purchased several books on using acrylic paint and am always open to more ways to use paint so this book looks like one I would enjoy. Thank you.

  23. I have used acrylics forever – I also have Chris’s book from Design Originals and it is SO full of ideas & inspiration – I would LOVE to add this book to my library. Acrylics are so versatile & vibrant. I enjoy the fact that they are easy to paint over when I change my mind 🙂

  24. Sue says:

    I am just starting back with acrylics. Haven’t used them in over 20 years and love mixed media arts. Would love a book on acrylics that I didn’t have to give back to a library … thank you for a very informative site as well

  25. Ruth E Belasco says:

    I was introduced to acrylics many years ago but it wasn’t until moving to the Deep South in 1983 that I started to take them seriously. Layering colors in oil was an incredibly tedious job in high humidity environments. I started using acrylics much more for the speed of drying they afford. They are an altogether more versatile medium. I can do almost anything with them and it might have been the medium itself that led me into mixed media.

  26. Jackie Smith says:

    I love the use of acrylics in mixed media projects because there a lot variety of colors that work well with all the artist mediums that gives the artist the freedom to either mix their customs colors or buy the various colors as they see fit. It really brings out the artist is everybody. I would love to win this book and love that fact that it’s spiral bound too, someone was thinking! Thanks for a chance to win!

  27. Rob says:

    I absolutely love using acrylic paints as a lovely colourful base for my mixed media art. I am really open to new ideas to use them too and am sure that I would find this book to be full of inspiration. I love Golden paints and mediums but also use other brands along with them. I love all of the products which are currently available that work so well with acrylic paints too. I would be thrilled to be the lucky winner. Thanks Michelle for your review.

  28. Melissa Burford says:

    Thanks for the review! And what perfect timing… I recently received the North Light Books mailer and saw this book and put it on my list of books to look up and here you are with this review. I love using acrylics in my mixed media because they are so versatile and because they dry quickly so that I can move on faster. 🙂

    My name is Melissa Burford and I live in Idaho – USA

  29. sue morris says:

    This book looks like a great resource. I love using acrylic paints in my mixed media creations simply because of the great color, coverage and versatility of a great medium. It can be watered down, made into a wash or added full strength. In addition, I find I get better coverage with acrylics and using stencils. Thanks for the review.

  30. This book looks super. I have noticed the book online, but after seeing the review feel certain I will enjoy reading it and will learn and evolve a lot from the teachings and recommendations within. The spiral binding is a helpful idea when referencing while creating.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this fabulous book.

  31. SLucy says:

    I love to use them because they are so versatile and provide tonnes of colour to your piece

  32. Carole Foster says:

    Chris Cozen is one of my favorite video teachers!!
    I love using acrylics in my mixed media because it is so versatile. I use the same as I would use watercolors ,
    full _strength, or to make skins for a collage, and the list goes on. the colors are vibrant and the dry time is
    quick so I’m not wasting time for it to dry. I would be delighted to have this book.

  33. cindy easter says:

    I love using acrylics in mixed media art because of its versatility.

    Cindy Easter
    Washington, USA

  34. Norita says:

    I love to use acrylics in my mixed media art as well as my other forms of art because they are so versatile! I have used acrylics for painting on canvas for many years but am new to liquid acrylics. They are great but I know I still have lots to learn about using them. I would absolutely love to win this book. It would surely hasten the absorption of knowledge on using liquid acrylics in mixed media applications. Thanks for the review, Michelle.
    Norita Alexander
    Kentucky, USA

  35. Cindy C says:

    With acrylic, you have the versatility to mimic other mediums, an endless choice of techniques and results and if you mess it up, you can simply paint over it and try again. Acrylics are for everyone of any level of expertise.

  36. Robyn C. says:

    I started with acrylic paint simply for the ease of cleanup – soap and water – no scary chemicals! I will admit that I had NO idea how much potential acrylic paint had until I took a couple classes with Julie Prichard and Chris Cozen. They are AMAZING artists but even MORE amazing teachers. I LOVE that they TEACH me how to use the supplies instead of how to copy their art. Now – the experimentation I can do with acrylic paint seems endless – SO MUCH FUN! Thank you for the chance to win a copy of their beautiful book!
    Robyn Couillard from Minnesota, USA

  37. Louise T says:

    Hi , Have used acrylic for painting for years , I love how I can play with it and the brightness of colours …but now I have arthritis in my fingers at young age (47) I cant hold a paint brush for long any more…So I’m really keen to explore using mixed media, something I haven’t done, so I can use my fingers and other ways, other then having to actually hold a brush and just paint….having a book like this to reference I think will be a great inspiration, for me not to give up 🙂
    Louise T Queensland Australia

  38. I`ll never storp playing and exploring the way to fantasy using mixed media in my art. I just can`t wait to get inspired with this new book 🙂
    Mariann from Norway

  39. Louise Kirby says:

    I love using acrylics and they have been my staple medium for years and I love that I keep learning more and more things about them and ways to use them. I am currently doing lots of transfers using gel mediums and glazing them. I am also painting the house I am building at the moment and using acrylic house paint on the outside of the house and some of that has made its way into my art journal pages as well.
    I would love to win a copy of this book.
    Louise. New South Wales, Australia.

  40. Ellen Holcomb says:

    dip ’em, dab ’em, brush ’em, thin ’em, spray ’em, mix ’em with almost anything, put em on almost anything and they are just plain fun!

  41. Hope Amen says:

    I have been in love with acrylic paint for such a long time. I first used it crafting and decorating my home. In recent years; I have been exploring mixed media and art journaling. Acrylic paints are so versatile, and with such a wide range of colors. They can also be used with other media and in unique techniques. I have so much to learn and explore and know that this book is full of inspiration.

    California, USA

  42. Hi I love acrylic paint because it so versatile and easy to use. It can be watered down to the consistency like water colors. Or used at its full potency for brilliant colors. I am excited to see julie prichard with a new book. i have been avid subscriber to somerset studio for 3 years and have seen your work there.. I love trying new techniques and always expermenting with paint. I love paint of all kinds, but acrylics are what I use most-art journaling, paintings, wood crafts and alot more. , I have painted many surfaces and I love it!

  43. Théalie says:

    I love working with acrylic for several reasons, first it would be because it is simply easier to clean the hands ^ _ ^ it is not harmful to the body is important to me, and I have no appréhensuion when children are around me and want to draw. Then I love it compared to the effect of transparency that we can get through it and its color blends that can be achieved while keeping a nice pigmentation. Thank you to validate my participation, I am from France.

  44. Jacquelin Swank says:

    I love acrylics because I can use them so many ways,watercolor, oil staining or opacity, with wax or pastels on wood , canvas ,paper, plastic. They are a new adventure every day. I have all the other mediums but I end up with my acrylics every time.

  45. Deb says:

    I love the feel of painting with acrylics. The fact that I can layer and do multiple textures and it allows you to add other elements is wonderful. Thank you for the chance at your book.

    Deb P
    Michigan, USA

  46. I love painting since childhood, it’s my first & last hobby, it helps me to meditate & celebrate life. I did many types of art form but I found Acrylics are best to express yourself in mixed media ( as they dry fast, odorless, easily mixed with other mediums etc.). Nowadays I’m experimenting with diff. textured backgrounds with Acrylics so that i can use them to start my mixed media paintings. Since last 5 years, I’m living as Expat in Muscat,Oman & Pebeo colors are available here.
    As I’m giving lessons to ladies & children here in Art centre, If I get this book, might it will help me & my students to explore more to find new dimensions to our work & after that they might eager to buy this book for their personal collection.Thanks.

  47. Dana says:

    Acrylics rock my world! Acrylics bring life and color to all mixed media, from fabrics to papers, from plaster to metals, just about anything you want to add color. Acrylics do not have to lay flat on a surface like watercolors, rather they can be thicken to add texture and a 3D appearance. Easy enough for a child to master, acrylics are easy to clean up, fast drying, and forgiving. I love the richness of the paint and its colors. Can’t wait to experiment with the ideas from this new book.

  48. Yvonne says:


    I love using acrylic paints, as they were the first paints I ever used. When I started creating mixed-media. In fact the very first painting workshop I took was with Chris Cozen. She’s an excellent teacher. It would be awesome to win a copy of her new book as i know it is full of good information. Thanks for the opportunity

  49. Acrylics have so much versatility and that is the main reason I enjoy working with them. Another thing I enjoy is the drying time. Sometimes I hate to wait!

  50. Eileen says:

    Beauty, depth of color, variety of colours with acrylics expand the story line of my mixed media work. I would love to learn from experienced teachers on how to grow and experiment through the techniques offered with your book.

  51. amber kinsey says:

    Wow, there’s a ton of comments already! You all have your work cut out for you! 😉 What do I love about acrylics? A lot! They are so versatile, used on canvas, stamps, fabric, paper to name a few! There is a broad range of colors, as well as so many more to mix to get new shades and tints. Speaking of mixing, all the different mediums you can play with-pouring medium, gels, pastes, to achieve so many different types of effects! And there is a broad price range so you can find a good deal of products at your price point that will satisfy your budget! They dry quickly, unless you don’t want them to by adding a little slo-dri medium…you can get acrylics to behave in so many ways! BUT there has to be instruction and research into the mediums so you can learn how to get the effects you desire. Which is why books like this one are so handy to have-and no matter how many acrylic instruction books I own, (don’t have this one yet 😉 unless I get lucky) you can always find a new technique that you haven’t heard of yet.

  52. amber kinsey says:

    ps: I am from Missouri in the United States!

  53. cyndi cesare says:

    Acrylic paint eliminated me fear. I started out with oil. Then I tried watercolor. I never got anywhere because I always felt so disappointed. Everything seemed so permanent. When I discovered acrylics my art changed. I can add mediums or water, create transparent layers, blend and make textures. It dries fast so I can keep working and if I don’t like it I can just paint over it. I have a lot of Golden products, so the book seems like right up my alley. Of course, I’d love to have. Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  54. Mic Starke says:

    I am new to the world of acrylic and enjoying every minute of it.


  55. I have naturally shaky hands and just asumed I could not paint but awhile back I did an on line class to draw and paint faces and once I got over the fear of painting wrong I fell in love with them. I love buildling layers of washes and how colour on colour changes the visual layer below. I also love to use them thick and heat affected to get textures and press item into for more textures. I love the feel of them. I love that you can over paint areas you don’t like. HHHmmm Ok I just love them LOL
    Annette Husband in Humpty Doo, Northern Territory, Australia

  56. Greta says:

    I love acyrlics as they are so versatile, easy to clean up and are odourfree – well pretty much. Also they are pretty low cost when you think of how long the paint lasts!

    Would love this book Michelle, hopefully you have inspired me to get back to Julie’s online class!


  57. Lindy says:

    Acrylic is so flexible – the possibilities are endless using the mediums, alcohol, bubble wrap, simple tools that are around the house. I love the modern colors for transparency and vibrancy as well.

  58. Tracy says:

    Thanks for this chance to win a cool-looking book that I’ve looked at several times. When I first started art journaling, I was all about the spray inks. But what won me over to the acrylics is when I learned how much richer a page is when you layer. And you can’t do that with inks much as they just run when they get wet again. Just back from CREATE New Jersey and took an amazing class with Seth Apter on acrylic glazing and now the possibilities with acrylics, which already seemed endless, are now even more expanded. Their ability to dry quickly and become permanent so as to take another layer on top are making me so much happier than inks!

    Thanks for a great site by the way!

  59. Connie says:

    I use acrylics because they perform in the areas of color richness, make it easy to add depth and dry quickly. My art takes on a life of its own and everyone always comments on the reality acrylics create.

  60. Dana says:

    Years ago I taught myself decorative painting with acrylics, but due to ‘life’ I have only recently picked up my brushes again. I am new to mixed media as I seem to be trying a ‘lil bit of everything’ to find my ‘style’. I still love my acrylics and have alot of paints left that I have been using for experimenting. Adding other elements has been fun and nerve racking all at the same time. But I am learning and loving it so. It is true that ‘art heals’ . My ‘spirit’ has not fully returned as of yet, but I can feel it growing with every messy finger. It is so wonderful how the ‘mixed media community’ shares ideas and tips and has been a wonderful learning tool. I have watched several videos several times too. I am a visual learner and love how books do not have to be stopped and played over if something is missed….. that and my computer is on one floor and ‘my space’ is on another. I was signed up for Michelle’s tutorial when the book was introduced and thought ‘that’s what I need’ but was not able to purchase a copy. (the spiral bounding of the book is brilliant!)

    The draw is August 3rd. and my 45th birthday is the 9th. What a wonderful birthday gift!!

    Thank you for your web site, your artists and your sharing. You all are a great inspiration to us ‘closet artists’. 🙂

  61. Seema says:

    Being a mixed media collage artist I love to work in layers and acrylics is the most suitable medium because of their fast drying properties. Besides they work well on different surfaces and can be used with other media like water colors, pastels, gel pens etc.

  62. I most often use acrylic paints in my mixed media artwork, but really feel that I have yet to understand their true qualities and abilities. That is why this book would be amazing and would help me to grow creatively. Please put my name in the hat, thank you!

  63. Bernice says:

    I love using acrylic paints because of their versaltility. I particularly like using the colours that have transparency so that you can see the different layers.

    I’m from the UK.

  64. Susan Hahaj says:

    I love working with acrylics because they are what provide the punch of colors and backgrounds from which all the other messy goodness of mixed media begin! Thanks for a sweet giveaway!

  65. NatashaMay says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! Thanks for the chance. I just love acrylics because they’re so versatile. You can easily use them as watercolors or you can mixed them in with a modeling paste to make colorful reliefs with stencils. Oh, there are so many possibilities. 🙂
    Natasha May from Slovenia, Europe.

  66. Susan says:

    Being relatively new to acrylics, I would love the chance to win this book to give me guidance & inspiration with projects x

  67. vivian phillips says:

    Acrylics dry faster than oils; the brushes, hands and clothes are easy to clean with water when the acrylics are still wet; you can paint with acrylics on paper; collage elements can be glue to the painting with the acrylics; you can mix acrylics with sand, saw dust, etc, for beautiful textures; acrylics have very sharp, strong colors, and they are shinny when dry; because they dry fast, the colors can be kept separated and the painting doesn’t get muddy; ACRYLICS ROCK!

  68. gwendoline murray says:

    Goodness i entered on the wrong place i hope i got it right this time. Looking at everyone else’s comments sure opens up your eyes to what you can do with acrylics, so much to learn therein lays the fun of acrylic it’s never ending amazement of what come out of my time spent playing with is medium

  69. Janice says:

    I use acrylic paint in my artwork most of the time, occasionally venturing into watercolor paint. I like the versatility of acrylics, how they can be vibrant or watered down to create a wash. Best of all is the easy cleanup with soap & water!

  70. Susan Dollard says:

    I absolutely love mixed media. As an artist and art teacher, I am always curious about new techniques to try. This book looks like a great resource for myself and my students. Hope I win.

  71. LISE TESSIER says:

    good day!
    great idea to create a book about our favorite medium. i like the format, almost like a journal, the paintings (the COLORS) are truly inspirational.
    there is no limit to what can be achieved with acrylics. this is the paint that makes you free. the range of color available is AMAZING. if you shop around, you can find real bargains too.
    and then… the techniques… i mainly use it in color block, and watercolor-like painting. it always comes handy one way or another, on canvas and paper, on wood, on fabric, in journals… and even around the house!!!
    ok… the mere vision of that book triggered my creativity…. gotta go fetch the tubes and brushes…
    lise tessier

  72. Meredith says:

    Doing fibre arts as much as mixed media, I like the versatility of acrylic paints. Not only can you paint on many hard surfaces with them, you can can also paint fabrics, dye cheesecloth and other soft items. This is great for fibre arts.

  73. Deb Merkel says:

    I so love working with acrylics! They are so versatile! You can water it down, use it with a dry brush, and just do so many things with it! I wish I had every color!

  74. ann says:

    Acrylics saved my sanity when I was a teenager. I started off with water colours and was very frustrated, I did not have the best materials or any training. Someone gave me some old oil paints and I loved using these as they stayed wet. However, they stayed wet too long. I was not patient. Then in art school my teacher had us purchase a basic kit of acrylics. Aaaahhhhh (Angels singing, light beaming down upon me…) , perfect. A paint that stayed wet, i could play with it but it dried quickly enough for me!!! Since then I have learned to work with other mediums and appreciate them, but my love for acrylics endures. After all it is possible to buy inexpensive ones and play and experiment and still get good results. Sure I own a few of the more expensive variety but i do most of my art journaling and mixed media with regular acrylics.

  75. Andrew Abney says:

    A recent relocation has forced me to relearn how to work without my studio space and have had to transition back to acrylics after several years of working almost solely in oils.

    I am regainning my appreciation for acrylics. The versatility of the medium and the greater intensity of the chroma has provided me with greater options ot achieve the look I desire for the finished work.

    Currently I am working on more illustrative paintings, using more traditional techniques on a mixed media support. I have considered this book a few times, and after seeing your review, I am convinced that I can use it as tool to help expand my repetoir of acrylic techniques.

  76. Darlene Propp says:

    I love working with acrylics because there is such a wide range of colors, and it’s instant gratification after painting in oils for such a long time.

  77. julie+ says:

    I love acrylics because of their adaptability, ease of use and quick drying time. I also love that an entire pallet can be created so easily!

  78. Sally Clum says:

    I love to work with acrylics because they are easier to work with than oils and much easier for me to use than watercolors. They are bold, vivid, and lend themselves to the use of texture in a piece of work. I live in the great state of Ohio! Thanks for the opportunity to view this book, hear your review, and perhaps win the book prize!

  79. Bev says:

    I love acrylics because of the large variety of colors and to me that is a large part of what Mixed Media Art is about…the more colors the better. With the large variety the options available are numerous.

  80. Patti says:

    I use acrylics because I love them and they love me back. They allow be to be the beginner that I am, yet turn out amazing looking finished projects. They forgive my lack of knowledge of technique and just go with the flow. They have this gentle way of flowing onto the paper that makes me smile and makes me want to do more!! And when it’s time for clean up, my little grandson can come play in the water and help. Yes, it’s nothing short of a love affair that I have with my acrylics, hahaha. Life is good playing with my grandson and our acrylic paints!! 😀

  81. Victoria says:

    Acrylics opened my world to mixed media. The versatility of acrylics have grown over the years. I’m always surprised to see what new learning technique is around the corner. I enjoy the free spirit of learning to use acrylics in mixed media. There really is no wrong or right way. This is why I love acrylics!

  82. 1Donna says:

    Acrylics enable enhancements to be made to your art so there is not such thing as an ‘error’ or ‘mistake’ with your masterpiece. Always looking for more ideas and books like “Acrylic Solutions” would be a valuable asset to me and my friends.

  83. ELENA MANALI says:

    Hello!i staryed using acrylics the last ten months.I was afraid of using them but since I made my first trial I was amazed with that medium!So many colours and the texture and the depth I can give in my mixed media collages I feel like I am handbuliding as a sculptor!I would be very happy to win a copy of the Acrylic solutions and I am sure that it will lead me to new paths in my work!
    Athens Greece

  84. I’ve always preferred acrylics and love getting my fingers covered in paint and pushing the colours around a canvas or journal. The versatility of the medium allows me to use acrylics the way I want them to look and feel with the texture and colour intensity I desire for my project.
    I’m always ready to learn more and winning this book would be utterly delightful and appreciate the chance to win.
    Thank you.
    Celeste Santin, NSW Australia

  85. Versatility, coverage, layering, variety of colors, creativity – everyone should like acrylics!
    I like trying new techniques and any color combo yields a different result.
    Thanks for the chance cto win a great book.
    Dorly Weitzen, Israel

  86. Chava K says:

    I love acrylics because they take me anywhere I want to go and let me create a beautiful world among the grey chaos

  87. Bente says:

    I adore acrylic because I simply can work fast. I love that it does not smell and it is water soluble! It also let me layering and play around with different materials that I easley can mix with the acrylics, as paper, fabric, stamps, tissue paper etc…