Gesso Resistance Background

This stunning background was created using the gesso resistance technique, as introduced to me by Michelle Ward, over with her Green Pepper Press Street Team.

Background using gesso resistance technique

Background using gesso resistance technique

Start by gesso’ing a layout. I use a criss-cross pattern, which gives the layout some texture to start with, as the brushstrokes will show up as the piece progresses. Allow to completely dry.

Gesso Layer

Next, splozzle some acrylic paints around. While it’s still a little damp, drag a dry credit card across the surface to remove some of the colour. The gesso allows the paint to be easily removed.

Paint SplozzlingPaint removal

Also spritz some water onto the page and let sit for a minute. Then use paper towl to blot off the water and remove some of the paint. A nice splattering effect is created.

Water Spritz

Now you’ve got a background, ready for your next mixed media art project.

Finished background

Happy creating!


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  1. admin says:

    So have you given it a try yet?

    Let us know how you went!

  2. Trudy Thayer says:

    This is wonderful. While in college, one painting class I had was with oils, and I found that painting over damp gesso creates a wonderful crackle effect. Like very old stonework, that piece was accepted into the art student show held at the end of every year. We had so much fun, I have used the same technique on several backgrounds since, all with the same wonderful effect. So much fun.


  1. […] in 2008 as part of the GPP Street Team Crusade (which you can find here). It was done using the Gesso Resistance Technique. Staz On Stone Gray ink was used with Collections stamps (Flourishes Sheet #1) to add the hearts […]

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