Creating your own background

Start with a piece of cardboard – this one is from a cereal box, cut into quarters. Then a layer of gesso is added and allowed to dry.

Starting Materials
Gesso layer

Add the first colour. The intention here was to have the colour radiating out and fading around the circle. The gesso underneath allows the paint to be thinned out and removed, using a dabbing motion with a cloth.


Then the second colour was added.


As this colour combination was a little bright, gesso was then added to tone it down and tie the pattern together. Again this layer was blotted to remove some of the gesso to make it thinner in the centre.


To complete the background, some stamping was added.


Then your background is ready to add images, text and embellishments.


All of these pieces were stuck on with double sided tape. Images from Go Make Something.

Happy Creating!

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  1. Susan says:

    I must try this for my ATCs next time 🙂 It looks so good!

  2. Deb Raymer says:

    This is so simple but very effective I love how you put the net in the tennis girls very clever idea thankyou I will go and try it now

  3. donna remmington says:

    Great and so simple too!

  4. cherylynn holmes says:

    is this for real

  5. MMA_Team says:

    @Cherylynn – this is for real. We want to show people that you can be creative by using things you already have around you.

    So much crafting these days is “buy this paper and this embellishment and follow this template”, which is great for beginners but doesn’t allow an individuals creativity to grow. It also puts us under pressure to buy the right things and makes us feel we can’t create wonderful pieces of art if we don’t follow the latest trends (that can also be very expensive).

    We want to inspire everyone with that burning desire to make something with a few techniques and lots of encouragement!

  6. S. Andersen says:

    This is an amazing way to creatively use what you have.

  7. Martie says:

    I love it!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  8. lou says:

    I love it when you demonrated it simple and clear picture to follow the instructions.. can’t wait for more pictures!

  9. Vicki Rearley says:

    Just viewed the tennis girls. Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for making it simple for us who just do not have the money to spend on all the products that are advertised. I am going to try this for sure. My local paint store gave me 6 outdated wallpaper books. I was thrilled to have them , as I think I might be able to use them in some of my mixed media projects. Maybe some background ? Some of them are metallic finish, should I treat them with anything in paticuliar, since the surface is slick? Thanks again for all your information!!!!! Hugs!

  10. Jane says:

    I just love your site and yes,you are so right in saying the pressure to buy cramps creativity.
    The creative work here is truly beautiful.
    I hope to be able to join you all in being creative.

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