A Desert at Sunset

This article is written by Gloria Malouf-Marsh

I started this painting from scratch.  I imagined a desert scene, I introduced working with sand textures, texture paste, warm colors sprang to my mind. The gold/yellows/oranges, different shades of hues, spindly plants that thrive in the desert climate, rock techniques, cactuses and the like. I also worked with dark and light – shadow and brightness.

canvas mixed media textures

I started at first to gesso the canvas. From 2/3 of the canvas up, I applied a paste and sand composition and let dry. This raised the texture and added an atmosphere to the base of the picture, which I would like to call a desert composition.   I had no idea where I was going; I just allowed my creativity to lead me.  I knew there was a road leading me somewhere. This road, I could see far in the distance. So I sketched mountains, rocks, cactuses, and started to build the tones and the painting started to come alive.  The rock face at the bottom and foreground was built up with texture paste composition.  I used a palette knife to apply knife shapes and irregular shapes to create the jagged rocks.   I wanted to maintain the warm shades and not to introduce any cool shades.

The different shades of the sunset were very effective.  I painted the area from the mountains upwards with vermilion red and used graduated shades of yellow/gold/ orange to create the sunset-scape.

As the painting was taking shape, I was transported into an earthy desert and the connection to the earth was of paramount importance to me. It’s also a form of meditation for me.  The warmth of the earth beckoned me deeper to the roots of the soil. I felt very close to the earth and very grounded. The symbolic meaning evoked a sense of humility and a deep sense of  gratitude. This desert time  brings on a change of heart, a transformation and a time to reflect.

The desert represents the hardships and challenges one has to overcome in one’s life. And through this challenge, one comes out so much better for it.

Keep creating! Enjoy!

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My name is Gloria Malouf-Marsh. I live in Brisbane, Australia, with my husband Greg and my daughter Salwa .  Springtime is glorious in Brisbane. I rise early and go for brisk walks, do my yoga practice and I’m inspired to face the day with inspiration and confidence. I get creative ideas for painting when I’m in nature. I love listening to nature’s sounds and watching and hearing the birds.

I am developing discipline in creating and making time for myself to daily paint. I seem curious to want to further my techniques.  I’m working with the building texture  mediums.  A sense of confidence and enjoyment has developed with me regarding honing my skills and techniques in the art medium, and I do enjoy this website so much.  Hearing peoples’ ideas and seeing their talents, just simply amaze me.  It is a special global family.   If I can create, so can you! Enjoy!

Emails are welcome at Gloria@radiantpathways.com.au



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