Decluttering for the New Year; Which Supplies?

The start of a New Year always seems like a good time to reflect in the year just past and set some goals for the year ahead. The art / crafting area of your life is no different; it is needed to balance your lift and needs as much attention as your health, job/career and family.

Which Supplies?
Now we have considered what crafts we want to focus on, it makes it easier to determine which supplies, material and tools we need to create these crafts. One of the (many) great things about mixed media art is that we can turn supplies for nearly every other craft into being useful for mixed media art. No longer doing cross stitch? Then we can use the cotton as fibres embellishments in our books and use the fabric for image transfers. Not going to sew anymore? We can still use the materials to add texture to our art journals or tear into strips as an embellishment or use to bind a book. And of course the sewing machine can be used to stitch paper and journals and book sections.

The sorting can begin now that we know where our focus will be. I realise this will be hard for some – feeling like we are abandoning projects that had captured our hearts at one stage. If you can’t bear to hand them onto someone who can complete them or repurpose the materials, pack these projects into a box and move them away from your crafting area (into your wardrobe or storage). When we repeat this exercise in 12 months time and you hadn’t even thought about those projects, then it will be time to pass them on or repurpose then.

Choose one area to start sorting; pick a box or drawers or pile. Pull everything out, sorting it into keep or give away / sell, depending on if it relates to the few crafts we have decided to continue. If it is junk or dried out and won’t work, throw it away. Now group the like things together and put them back. Just focus on one area or drawer. You may find other items that could be stored with these ones but that can be part of the second review.

sort one drawer at the time to declutter your crafting area

The aim here is to move quickly through each area of your crafting area and remove the junk and items no longer needed. This will begin to create space. If we pull everything out it can easily become overwhelming, so stick to small areas and put things back. Even if we just do one or two areas each day, we will slowly progress through the entire room, finding all sorts of things we had forgotten about. Continue to put things back that you want to keep and remove things you don’t.

If you find some fantastic things you had forgotten about and inspiration hits, make notes in your art journal so you will remember them when it’s crafting time again – for now it’s decluttering time!



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  1. I did this very thing a couple of months ago and found brand-new art supplies I had never even opened, plus lots of arty goodies that I had forgotten I had! Now, everything is sorted and organized, and the business of getting back to creating is much easier, plus I am freshly inspired by the things I both found and re-discovered! Thanks for a great article!

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