Decluttering for the New Year; Where to keep everything?

With our decluttering process, we have reviewed our achievements, decided which crafts to focus on and sorted out our craft supplies.

Now we have only things we will use in our crafting area, we can consider where to put them. As we put items into new places, make sure you label the drawers and containers; this may seem a little over-the-top at first but will help you keep your area tidy in the long run. Labelling will also reduce the “open every drawer until I find it” problem.

clearnig our craft clutter

We want to consider how often we use our different groups of supplies. We want to keep the items we use most often close at hand. This may be on the desk in containers or in boxes that can be moved closer when being used and stacked away when not needed.

For supply storage, once the smaller areas have been sorted we will have created some space. Then we can take a step back and consider combining items that are similar or will now fit into a new area [reference materials storage articles]. Boxes with lids that can be stacked are great if you don’t have a lot of space (or have completely filled it!). The boxes can be labelled on the side you can see so you don’t need to go through each one when looking for one item.

Sorting colours into boxes

There are all sort of ways to store your crafting supplies materials and tools. Be brave and try a few different ides to see which ones work for you.

For further reading, try these links:

Happy decluttering! (Then the creativity can begin!)



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