Decluttering for the New Year; Reviewing our achievements

The start of a New Year always seems like a good time to reflect in the year just past and set some goals for the year ahead. The art / crafting area of your life is no different; it is needed to balance your life and needs as much attention as your health, job/career and family.

Over the next few weeks we will look at  a few tips to review last year, set a plan for getting organised and decluttering your space and stash, and get ready for the creative year ahead!

mixed media art collage painting

Last year’s achievements
Before we plough into the New Year, let’s take a few moments to reflect on just how far we have come over the last 12 months.

Can you find a project, or photos of a project, that you started 12 months ago? Did you finish it? Do you still like it today? Can you see how your style has changed and developed when comparing this piece with one recently made?

I am always amused when I review my artwork – I can remember how I felt when I created it (sometimes happy with it, other times, not so happy). there are bits I like and bits I would do differently. Even my colour selection changes

Techniques & Materials
What techniques did you use to create this piece 12 months ago? What have you learn and tried? Which ones worked for you? which ones need more practice? Which techniques won’t be tried again?

I find I don’t often discard new techniques but they add into what I already do, adding to my range of skills I can draw on. There are so many techniques that can be used in mixed media art, drawn on from other crafts. Many of them fit together.

What new materials have you added to your collection last year? Which ones were used often? Which ones did you use only once to find they weren’t what you expected?

These questions will help us as we step through our decluttering process!

Time spent
Did you spent as time as you wanted to on your crafting last year? Is there even enough time to complete all of your projects and fulfil all inspirations?

In these time-challenged days, ti is hard to find time to be selfish and get stuck into creating. I’m a firm believer of scheduling in time to create and give myself permission to play and not get some jobs done. Often I find I can get the basic housework jobs done extra quick when I know crafting time is ahead. We all have the same amount of time; we must choose where we spend it. And recognising it can be a conscious choice as to how we spend our time is the first step to finding that time to create.

blue mixed media painting

Take a few moments
In your art journal, take a few moments to reflect on what you have achieved over the last 12 months; projects started (and completed), new materials and techniques and when the best times for crafting were for you.

We will return later to set some direction for the year ahead, but for now, just reflect and celebrate your achievements.



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