It’s our birthday!

Our comments have now closed ~ stay tuned for the two winners of our birthday give-away!

Mixed Media Art Chipboard

To celebrate our first birthday and as a “Thank-you” to all of you, that have supported us and created the great community that surrounds the site, we are having our first give away!

Mixed Media Art Chipboard

Leave a comment, telling us why you love mixed media art and you will have a chance to win one of these two mini-arches. Comments will close 12 noon Monday 29th November, AEST, which is 1am Monday 29th November GMT and 5pm Sunday 29 November EST.

Happy creating!



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  1. sharon says:

    I love your site because you give me so many new ideas or remind me of techniques that have fallen into disuse. There’s always something useful to gain from your posts. Keep up the good work – please 😉

  2. suzy quaife says:

    I just love to receive your newsletters. I believe I have
    been truely helped by the totorials and photos in creating my fabric journals. Please enter me in your lovely giveway.

  3. Yvonne says:

    I love mixed media art because anything goes! There is no right and no wrong. I love it!

  4. Cherie says:

    The reason I love mixed media art is that nothing is barred! From the old to the new, the not so new, found objects, fabric, ephemera even glass allow me to express a smidge of the artistic me! The originality, the combinations, the explorations, the curiosities never cease to intrigue when they take shape. A cathartic pleasure engulfs me. Mixed media is my want!

  5. Yvonne says:

    I love media media art because anything goes. There is no right and no wrong. I love it!

  6. Riette says:

    Thanks so much for your inspiration I just love paging through all your stuff You truly have a way of doing! Thanks for sharing!

  7. its freeing, inspiring and gets rid of stress

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! heres to many more !!!

  8. Riette says:

    It is so wonderful to use stuff that are lying around but have so much sentiment to us, and use them to create a masterpiece. Thanks to you for sharing your ideas we all can create something beautiful!

  9. Nancy says:

    I love mixed media art because there are so many techniques. They have inspired my creativity and shown me many possibilities.

  10. Vicki says:

    Happy Birthday! I’m always encouraged to mix your techniques with my treasure collections to create my own original mixed media art. Rather than a know-it-all attitude, your newletters project a try-it-all attitude. Thank you for the inspiration.

  11. Trish D says:

    Love both your site and newsletter. Have learnt so much from your site. I love mixed media art as there is no one to say you can’t use anything.
    Happy Birthday 🙂

  12. Linda Dolan says:

    Mixed Media art is an opportunity to try new techniques, play with colours and textures and generally have fun!

  13. Rhonda says:

    I love exploring the techniques you so kindly share with us and the encouragement to “mix it up!” Congratulations on your first anniversary, I hope to share many more with you. Cheers!

  14. Cynthia Stevens says:

    I’ve always been fascinated by playing/imagining uses for objects not normally intended, or that would be thrown away. I never, ever saw myself as an artist. But Teresa Flowers and Marcy Blackerbee told me that anyone can create art–it is not a sacred space for members only.
    I took Teresa’s Altered Book class and it opened a whole new world to me! I was sure I would be the worst one there–all the others had some experience under their belts. But Teresa was strict, yet she believed in me. My book wasn’t the neatest, or prettiest–but it was an expression that came from my soul and a celebration that you are never too old to learn new things. Teresa said I was the kind of person, who once committed, dives in feet first. . .she said I was a natural at layering and texture.
    I love mixed media art because it gives me the opportunity to create anew from things I find, get at thrift stores, etc.
    It is the particular form of art in which I feel most at home.

  15. angie says:

    regular contact is wonderful and always so helpful if needing advice or source of inspiration- keeps me on the edge of experimentation !! thanks

  16. Jean Toms says:

    Happy Birthday
    Love being able to combine all aspects of my art and create new art from items that would usually get thrown away.

  17. Stella Jones says:

    Always good to get an email from you and hop over to the site to pick up some new tips. If I’m having a dull week then your ideas always inspire me. So Happy Birthday and good luck with the next year.
    Blessings, Star

  18. Vivian Garcia says:

    I enjoy this site. Give me ideas for my projects, you can use the objects that you have around to do your work. Thank You. Vivian

  19. Yza Joy says:

    Hi! I loooovee Mixed Media because there is no limitations, only freedom to do what your heart and soul feels. So HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! All the joy and creation spirit for you and your team!

  20. Happy Birthday, I always look forward to your web site for inspirational ideas. Love the work that goes on.

  21. Jean Goza says:

    I love working in mixed media art. By combining random, seemingly unrelated objects I am able to create cohesive works of art. The result is always a wonderful surprise. The Mixed Media Art site inspires me with projects and new techniques. I appreciate your generosity. Happy First Birthday to you and a wish for many more.

  22. Carol says:

    Why I Love Mixed Media Art:
    The soul has need of ways to express itself. I have put my hand to the many ways of art and of writing, but it seems to love adding bits of glitter, metal, paper, string, stones, wood, gems, to add deeper levels of its truths. Pictures in my head begin to scroll and I go into my art room, turn on some Tibetan Bell music and the vibrations awaken that aching, arching small seed that lies, like a child waiting to be born again and again. It is an ongoing process where I will see objects, words, possibilities in things I collect for later use. Suddenly, there is that moment that focus begins to sharpen an image somewhere behind that third eye, and I am drawn, urged, pushed to go begin to express what needs be done. I often call it “Evoking The Seed”. Those of us who live in this provocative state, are living in the wonderful world of 3-D expression that allows Soul Speak in its many languages.
    Carol Desjarlais

  23. trudy says:

    Why do I love your site? Why do I breath ….. it’s necessary for me to live and live the kind I life I want. And it reminds me how grateful I am to those of you who make this possible. Thank You. tt

  24. Be says:

    There are no boundaries in Mixed media!! So free and fun!

  25. lesley foster says:

    I love this site because for the first time I have actually hung some of my mixed media art on the wall.. I never dared before.. I love the fact that Mixed Media has no limits other than my own creativity. Thank you for unlocking it. Happy birthday xx

  26. Jill Adams says:

    Looking through your site is always so inspiring!

  27. Sandra E Pain says:

    I love the way everything is created. It’s not just using die-cuts or cutting out a picture or using a peel-off sticker. It makes me feel that it was my idea because although it came from your idea, it has my twist added. so it always looks different than yours. Your ideas just make my brain whizz into action and have its own great ideas. I’m so grateful for your website and letters. Sandra

  28. Dekida Hamler says:

    I am new to mixed media arts and journaling. I was very hesitant about starting because I cant draw or paint but because of you r web site I am now working in three different journals. The instructions given on this site were easy to follow and understand and the examples used were not intimidating at all. Thank You for this Blessing

  29. Helen Yann says:

    Mixed media is a great way to put all the things you love together and make an original piece of art!!
    Keep upi the great work.

  30. esther ward says:

    happy happy birthday and thank you for the creative life you have given to me at a time when my life had reached a really difficult place. The new ideas and techniques have given me permission to create and rebuild myself and start a new life.

  31. Cheri says:

    I love the freedom you have with mixed media art! You can give several people the same materials and they will come up with something completely different from each other. Your site is very inspiring!

  32. Clemencia says:

    I love Mixed Media Art, so many ideas, a wide variety of materials, an always everything looks so lovely, I am learning so much, thank you so much

  33. Debbie says:

    I love Mixed Media Art because it’s where I learned how to do beeswax collage and I love playng with the beeswax!

  34. Melissa says:

    I want to thank you for being here. Your website has made my art work grow in a way I would have never tried before. I just wish to have some of my art work come out as good as yours do. Thank you for being here for a beginner like myself.

  35. Sheri says:

    Whenever I get my mixed media art e-mails they turn me into a ‘creative maniac’. I want to sharpen my scissors and plug in my glue gun and tear my papers and alter everything in sight. It’s actually pretty scarey but we’re getting used to it around here.

  36. Joyce says:

    I respond to mixed media art as it allows me to meld various art forms. Paint, paper, beads, sewing, etc. I love the freedom it allows.

  37. Jenn Mitchell says:

    I love your site because it inspires me to create. I also love opening my inbox and seeing a new message from Mixed Media Art.

  38. Linda says:

    Happy Birthday. I do enjoy your website and the emails that arrive when it seems that I need a nudge to push beyond my limit. Thank you.

  39. Lori says:

    Some people have creativity born inside of them, others, like me, need a boost along the way. “Mixed Media Art” has given me that extra boost and I am so grateful to have found you, or did you find me???