Materials to get you started in Mixed Media Art

Over the last few Tips Videos we have covered using cereal box cardboard, using found objects in our mixed media painting and the tools needed to get started. In this episode, we look at the mixed media materials you need to get started.

Materials for Mixed Media Art - Mixed Media Art Tips Video

Michelle runs through the basic materials and mediums she uses in many of her mixed media creations. She reminds you that you don’t need all of these materials to get started. After you have a few of the basic paints and mediums, and had fun creating a few mixed media pieces, you can then extend your collection.



Here you can see the range of shades you can achieve with two paint colours and a white for creating shades – this allows your paint collection to expand into many different colors and hues. This gives each of the three canvases a range of colors, from the very dark violet to the light pink wash.

Mixed Media materials and canvas backgrounds

The colors used were violet or dark purple, magenta or maroon and a plain white.

using two paints and white gives a range of shades

To mix the colors, I use an old styrene tray (as shown in Tools needed to get started in Mixed Media Art) and put the two colors at each end and the white across the middle. This makes it easier to create a 1:1 mix for each colors, and then a 1:2 mix by adding white to the 1:1 mix.

use a simple paint tray to mix paints


References for the products mentioned in the video:

Creating Layers Online Tutorial


Gel Medium

Impasto Medium


Acrylic Paints

Spray Varnish

So thank you for joining us here for this Mixed Media Tips Video. As always we are happy to hear from you and LOVE seeing your artwork – you can do that by emailing us at CreateMixedMediaArt @ or heading over to our Creating Mixed Media Art Facebook page.


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