MMAT07 ~ Simple Bound Book

This month’s techniques highlights a simple binding method, allowing you to easily create your own books, journals and gifts. Adding to the simplicity of the technique is that it uses materials you already have around the home. Here are a few others we have made.

Happy Creating!


If you are looking for further book binding ideas, here are a few books you can try:

I got this book for Mothers’ Day and have read it cover to cover; great ideas and stunning photos. Lots of examples. Includes all types of “books”, whatever your definition. I would have liked a few more step-by-step pictures for some of the techniques but other than that, a very informative and inspiring book about books.





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  1. Pat Crossland says:

    there is no tutorial with this…where can I find it? all excited when I saw your post on Facebook and then disappointed that the link has no more information regarding binding a simple book….

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