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Trying to fit mixed media art into our everyday activities can be challenging – there will always be other things vying for our attention.. but when we do finally get that scrap of time together – or even find ourselves with a few unexpected hours ahead of us – how do we use that time effectively? This series of articles will look at tips to help you hit the ground running when you have that crafting time.

Part 3 – Sketch Book or Art Journal for ideas

If you are finding that all of your ideas flee when you finally have the time, I suggest a sketch book or ideas book is the way to go. I find inspiration strikes at the strangest times and you need to capture those thoughts – even if it is a colour combination or card layout. A sketch book is good to have handy for a quick sketch (even for those of us that can’t draw) with notes about what colours or textures or materials you are thinking of in that initial flash of inspiration.

Mixed Media Ideas journal

Your sketches don’t need to be brilliant – only you will see them. They just needs to be detailed enough to jog your memory or to create a new thought when you do have the time to create. During your crafting time, you can also add offcuts of paper or the colour pencil or paint you used, creating a fantastic future reference if you need to create a similar piece of work again.

Mixed Media Art journal

Many great artists have used sketch books, including grand masters like da Vinci, who made wonderful sketches of elements of his paintings, like fabric drape or his subjects hands. Over time you will have collected a book full of ideas that may turn into wonderful art or be used to fuel other ideas – who knows where it will lead?

So when you get the time and the table is tidy, reach for your book and get started on your next creation.

Happy Creating!




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