Crafting time and still no ideas?

Do you find that on occasions you have time for crafting and no ideas or inspiration? Here are a few ideas to get you going:

– Pull out that sketch book or art journal and revisit your previous sketches and ideas

– Pull out a coloured box of small pieces of paper and sort through them – bringing different colours together will grab our attention and spark our creativity

– Start on a small project – like greeting cards or ATCs

– Choose a drawer or box you haven’t looked in for a while and look through it; you may find something found or bought long ago that you had forgotten

– Pull out your UFO box (UnFinished Objects) and see what can be finished or transformed into something new.

We would love to hear how you spark your creativity ~ leave us a comment!

mixed media gothic arch art

Happy creating!

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  1. linda giese says:

    I’m seldom at a loss, but I find a lot of inspiration from books and online videos and art albums. I can barely get thru a few pages of Somerset Studios without running for an art journal!

  2. CarolineAU says:

    I often find that by leaving a project and starting something completely unrelated, I can come back to my UFO refreshed. I’m mainly into fibre and textile arts, but also find mixed media art exhilarating, and can combine the two with some unexpected but very gratifying (for me) results. Its also great fun as who knows where the journey will take me!

  3. Bec says:

    Thankyou for the article. It’s true these are things I already do but it’s comforting to know there are others out there who at times struggle for inspiration. I find I go through phases. Sometime creative and inspiration filled, sometimes a major dearth of inspiration. And only time tells whether either is a long “phase” It can be rough.

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