Artella’s ARTbundance Certification Training

Marney and the Artella team are running the ARTbundance Certification training again in January 2013.

So what is ARTbundance?
The ARTbundance™ Philosophy offers an innovative pathway of self-discovery through creativity, using the nine ARTbundance Principles  as the foundation, and including ARTsignments™ – a unique set of exercises that combine art and creativity as a path for transformation.

ARTBundance certification training 2013 with Marney Makridakis

The nine ARTbundance Principles are:

  • Gratitude
  • Intuition
  • Balance
  • Choice
  • Vision
  • Action
  • Attraction
  • Connection
  • Service

You can learn how to create art while also creating a whole new profession for yourself through
the 2013 ARTbundance Certification Training program (ACT):

If you decide to join Marney and her team, let her know that sent you and we will send you a complimentary copy of our Mixed Media Art Technique Sheets bundle*.

The next class will be the 8th and starts in January 2013. It is a 14-week program that offers comprehensive training, as well as turn-key materials for building your own business with the ARTbundance™ Philosophy of self-discovery through creativity and applying these tools in many ways, including:

  • coaching
  • writing
  • leading workshops
  • teaching
  • creating online learning environments

So if you are looking for a new, creative way to begin 2013, go and see what Artella has to offer with their ARTbundance Certification Training program

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* To claim your free Mixed Media Art Technique Sheets bundle, email a copy of your receipt to CreateMixedMediaArt @ and we will send you instructions to download your gift.

Note: Mixed Media Art will make commissions from links on this page that will help to support the Mixed Media Art community.


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